DAXML is an implementation of Distributed Active Documents, a formalism for data centric design of Web Services. This implementation is based on a REST framework, and can run on a network of machines connected to internet and equipped with JAVA


The curren tversion of DAXML is mainly a demonstrator, with a few simple services that query distant databases. To install the demo, download the archive, and uncompress it. at the root of the uncompressed directories, you will find two shells:

-DemoClient.cmd : reads the DAXML specification from file ZTestClient.axml
-DemoServer.cmd : read the DAXML specification from file ZTestClient.axml

To run the demo, edit the ZTestClient.axml file, and replace the line
I = , f
at the bottom of the file by
I = http://.Your.machine.address:9998/daxml/ , f

You can then launch the server (under Windows) by double click on DemoServer.cmd followed by a double click on DemoClient.cmd This demo implements simple exchanges of data between AXML services. When programs stop running, press CTRL-D to see the AXML document kept in the memory of each program.

You can now play with the shells and axml files, and modifiy data, change ports, locate the server on a machine and the clent on another one (do not forget to change the URL address for the services).

DAXML was programmed in JAVA, and the software is provided as bytecode. Easy adaptation of Windows command shells will allow you to run this demo on Unix machines.

Publications and presentations

Several publications related to AXML and Distributed AXML by members of the SUMO team are available on the web:

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[2] Benot Masson, Loc Hlout, Albert Benveniste: Compatibility between DAXML Schemas, INRIA research report, available here

[3] Loc Hlout, Albert Benveniste: Document Based Modeling of Web Services Choreographies Using Active XML. ICWS 2010: 291-298

[4] Distributed Active XML and Service Interfaces, INRIA research report, available here

Active XML was invented by S. Abiteboul and his team, and foundations of (D)AXML can be found in the following references:

[5] Serge Abiteboul, Luc Segoufin, Victor Vianu: Static analysis of active XML systems. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 34(4) (2009)

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