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Anne Bouillard, Claude Jard, Aurore Junier. Some Synchronization Issues in OSPF Routing. In DCNET - 10th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications., Reykjav\'\ik, Islande, July 2013.


{A routing protocol such as OSPF has a cyclic behavior to regularly update its view of the network topology. Its behavior is divided into periods. Each period produces a flood of network information messages. We observe a regular activity in terms of messages exchanges and filling of receive buffers in routers. This article examines the consequences of possible overlap of activity between periods, leading to a buffer overflow. OSPF allows ''out of sync" flows by considering an initial delay (phase). We study the optimum calculation of these offsets to reduce the load, while maintaining a short period to ensure a protocol reactive to topology changes. Such studies are conducted using a simulated Petri net model. A heuristic for determining initial delays is proposed. A core network in Germany serves as illustration.}

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