A joint INRIA - ALSTOM project on regulation of urban train systems


Operators of Urban Trains Systems are committed to provide transport services meeting some quality criteria: daily number of people transported, delays with respect to predetermined schedules, regularity of departures from stations, occuppancy of trains, ....

To meet these criteria, operators are assisted by regulation algorithms, that guide trains drivers (or automata in the case of fully automated systems) to chose appropriate train speed

Alstom is one of the world leaders for integrated railways systems. They provide their client with infrastructures, signalling systems, but also algorithms to help operators exploit train networks and achieve the best possible QoS.

P22 is a joint INRIA-ALSTOM project. It was launched in the context of the joint lab between ALSTOM and INRIA in 2015.


The objective of P22 project is to evaluate performance of regulation techniques for urban train systems.
We rely on the expertise of the SUMO team to address this problem with formal tools such as concurrency models, control, simulation of stochastic systems,....

Project leader