Previous Presentations :

16 January 2020 Joao Marques-Silva: Presentation on Automated Reasoning for Explainable AI.
4 October 2019 Cancelled
12 July 2019 Blaise Genest: Presentation on Certification for Deep Neural Networks. Associated survey (in french).
2 May 2019 Anne Now: Presentation on Reinforcement Learning.
6 March 2019 Eric Fabre: Notes on backpropagation in Deep Learning.
21 January 2019 Arthur Queffelec and Tristan Charrier: Presentation of planning for drone coverage.
30 November 2018 Lo Henry: Presentation of active and passive learning. Associated bibliographic summary.
3 October 2018 Blaise Genest: Presentation of the WG MeFIA. Presented the slides of Marta Kwiatkowska at SOFMMML.