Accepted Publications

  • [AGHM19] S. Akshay, B. Genest, L. Hélouët, S. Mittal, Timed Negotiations, FOSSACS, 2020. [PDF]
  • [AHP18] S. Akshay, L. Helouet, R. Phawade Combining Free Choice and Time in Petri Nets, Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, 2018. [PDF]
  • [AGV18] S. Akshay, Blaise Genest, Nikhil Vyas. Distribution-based objectives for Markov Decision Processes, LICS 2018, 36-45, ACM/IEEE. [PDF]
  • [BDGGG19] N. Bertrand, M. Dewaskar, B. Genest, H. Gimbert, A. Godbole. Controlling a Population, in LMCS Volume 15, Issue 3, paper 5647, 2019. [PDF]
  • [ABFG19] S. Akshay, H. Bazille, E. Fabre, B. Genest. Classification Among Hidden Markov Models. Accepted in FSTTCS 2019, 29:1-29:14, LIPIcs. [PDF]

Ongoing work

  • [AGH19] S.Akshay, B. Genest, L.Hélouët, Resilience in timed systems, to appear, 2020.
  • [AHP19] S. Akshay, Loïc Hélouët, Ramchandra Phawade, Boundedness and coverability in Free-Choice Time Petri nets, to appear 2020.
  • [HKM19] L. Hélouët, S. Krishna, K. Madnani, Stealthy attacks of Weighted Timed Systems, Ongoing work, 2020.

Activity reports