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The Solidor project ended in january 2001. Most of the members of the Solidor project have then joined the Aces (Ambient Computing and Embedded Systems) project.

Since 1999, the Solidor project is located at IRISA-INRIA Rennes and at INRIA-Rocquencourt. This site describes the part of the project located in Rennes. Information about the Solidor project at INRIA-Rocquencourt may be found at URL:

Design of distributed operating systems

A distributed operating system is a set of software components managing the execution of applications on top of a hardware platform composed of computers connected by communication links. A distributed operating system is complex, because it must manage ressources on a per-computer basis and also provide system-wide ressource management. In addition, resource management must be correct, so that the behavior of the applications using the operating system conforms to its specification, and the service provided by the operating systems must fit to application needs, for instance in terms of response time, fault-tolerance and security. Our research deals with the design of distributed operating systems with this double objective of correction and quality of service; this is done either by the design of new software components or the combination of existing sofware components. The application domains concerned by our research include multimedia applications embedded systems, real-time systems, the Internet and mobile computing.

Research themes

  • operating systems for embedded multimedia applications
  • hard-real time dependable systems
  • mobile computing


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