Statistical Inference for STructural HEalth M

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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is the whole process of the design, analysis, development and implementation of techniques for the detection, localization and estimation of damages, for monitoring the integrity of structures and machines within the aeronautic, civil and mechanical engineering infrastructures.

Structural or modal analysis is a particular instance of the problem of estimating the eigenstructure (eigenvalues, and observed components of eigenvectors) of the state transition matrix of a linear dynamical system under nonstationary excitation.

Modal analysis

Structural health monitoring


Overview of subspace-based methods for structural identification and monitoring, damage detection, and sensor data fusion [JASP07].

Test cases

A list of  test cases processed so far using the algorithms elaborated within Sisthem is available here.

 Activity reports

  • 2008 activity report.
  • 2007 activity report.
  • 2006 activity report. 
  • 2005 activity report.
  • 2004 activity report.
  • 2003 activity report of the former Sigma2 project.


The Sisthem research team is one of the follow-up of Sigma2.

A brief sketch of Sisthem objectives and activities can be found here.
The Sisthem project proposal, as submitted on April 5, 2004, is available here.

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