Publications SIGMA 2 (since 1997)

Articles in Journals

B. Delyon, A. Juditsky, On the computation of wavelet coefficients, Journal of Approximation Theory 88, 1, January 1997, pages 47-79.

B. Delyon, A. Juditsky, On small perturbations of stable Markov operators : unbounded case, Theory of Probability and its Applications 43, 4, 1999, pages 577-587.

B. Delyon, M. Lavielle, E. Moulines, Convergence of a stochastic approximation version of the EM algorithm, The Annals of Statistics 27, 1, February 1999, pages 94-128.

B. Delyon, A note on uniform observability, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control AC-46, 8, August 2001, pages 1326-1327.

J.-J. Fuchs, B. Delyon, Why the l1 norm leads to sparseness and high resolution in time delay estimation, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory IT-46, 4, July 2000, pages 1666-1673.

A. Juditsky, B. Delyon, On minimax prediction of nonparametric autoregressive models, Probability Theory and Related Fields 116, 1, 2000, pages 21-39.

Articles in Contributed Volumes

M. Basseville, A. Benveniste, B. Delyon, Diagnostics and monitoring as tightly coupled to identification, in : Perspectives in Control. Theory and Applications, D. Normand-Cyrot, editors, Springer Verlag, New York, 1998.

A. Juditsky, Q. Zhang, B. Delyon, P.-Y. Glorennec, A. Benveniste, Wavelets in identification, in : Fuzzy Logic and Expert Systems Applications, C. T. Leondes, editors, Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications Series, 6, Academic Press, San Diego, 1997, pages 315-412.

Articles in Conference Proceedings

A. Benveniste, B. Delyon, Frequency domain local tests for change detection, in : 12th Symposium on System Identification (SYSID), Santa Barbara, IFAC / IFORS, June 2000. Paper ThAM4-2.

A. Benveniste, B. Delyon, Using local tests to estimate convergence rates for identification, in : 39th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Sydney, IEEE Control Systems Society, pages 1985-1990, December 2000.

M. Bons, B. Delyon, Y. Deville, Hidden Markov models applied to electric end-uses knowledge, in : 12th Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC), Dresden, Volume 1, pages 614-620, August 1996.

B. Delyon, A. Benveniste, On the relationship between identification and local tests, in : 36th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), San Diego, IEEE Control Systems Society, pages 139-144, December 1997.

P. Depambour, R. André-Obrecht, B. Delyon, Un système automatique d'étiquetage de la parole basé sur la durée des sons, in : 4ème Congrès Français d'Acoustique, Marseille, pages 381-384, April 1997.

J.-J. Fuchs, B. Delyon, The sampling theorem and time delay estimation, in : 11th Symposium on System Identification (SYSID), Kitakyushu, IFAC / IFORS, pages 505-510, July 1997.

J.-J. Fuchs, B. Delyon, Min-max interpolators and Lagrange interpolation formula, in : IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), Scottsdale, Volume IV, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, pages 429-432, May 2002.

J.-L. Le Calvez, B. Delyon, A. Juditsky, A cancelation method for ARMA identification with overestimated orders, in : 4th European Control Conference (ECC), Bruxelles, July 1997. Paper ThM-F2.

J.-L. Le Calvez, B. Delyon, A. Juditsky, An algorithm for tracking a random walk with unknown drift, in : 23rd IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Seattle, Volume IV, IEEE Signal Processing Society, pages 2177-2180, May 1998.

M. Maurizot, P. Bouthemy, B. Delyon, Mesure et caractérisation de mouvements fluides 2D à partir d'une seule image, in : 16ème Colloque GRETSI, Grenoble, pages 651-654, September 1997.

M. Maurizot, P. Bouthemy, B. Delyon, 2D fluid motion analysis from a single image, in : Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Santa Barbara, IEEE Computer Society, June 1998.

Q. Zhang, B. Delyon, A new approach to adaptive observer design for MIMO systems, in : 2001 American Control Conference (ACC), Arlington, American Automatic Control Council, pages 1545-1550, June 2001.

Research and Technical Reports

B. Delyon, A. Juditsky, A. Benveniste, On the relationship between identification and local tests, Publication Interne 1104, IRISA, May 1997, [download !].

B. Delyon, Geometric convergence of Markov chains through a local Doeblin condition, Publication Interne 1115, IRISA, July 1997, [download !].

A. Juditsky, B. Delyon, On minimax prediction for nonparametric autoregression models, Publication Interne 1121, IRISA, August 1997, [download !].


Q. Zhang, M. Basseville, B. Delyon, Application des techniques d'estimation et de détection pour l'aide à la conduite des centrales, Rapport de contrat EDF/DER/CCC, March 1998.

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