Research topic: macro dispersion in heterogeneous porous media

Scientific context

Model description

The flow equations are Darcy and mass conservation. Stochastic models define a random permeability field, with a strong heterogeneity. The geometry is fixed.

We use Monte-Carlo simulations to estimate the macro spreading and the macro dispersion.

Publications and results

Objectives and projects

The main objective is to include hydrodynamic dispersion in highly heterogeneous media.

Related topics


This topic started in the Sage team (participant J. Erhel) with the post-doc of A. Beaudoin, in 2004-2005, in collaboration with J-R. de Dreuzy, from Geosciences at Rennes. A. Beaudoin was then hired assistant professor at University of Le Havre and is now assistant professor at University of Poitiers.

The research continues in the team Sage (participants J. Erhel, G.Pichot), in collaboration with J-R. de Dreuzy and A. Beaudoin.


This work was supported by Inria in 2004-2006, funding the post-doc and the secondement.

Then it was funded by the ANR CIS with the project MICAS in 2008-2011.