Meeting of the MICAS project - subproject H2OLAB software - Rennes, november 27, 2008

Participants :

  1. Sage research group (INRIA Rennes): Edouard Canot, Jocelyne Erhel, Baptiste Poirriez, Nadir Soualem
  2. Transfert research group (Geosciences CNRS Rennes): Etienne Bresciani, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Delphine Roubinet, GĂ©raldine Pichot, Romain Le Goc
  3. GEOENV research group (Le Havre university): Anthony Beaudoin

Meeting agenda :

  1. Presentation of software H2OLAB (Jean-Raynald)
  2. Strategy for collaborative development (Nadir)
  3. Strategy for Intellectual Property (Jocelyne)
  4. Discussion about software PROOST, from Barcelone University (Jesus Carrera)
  5. Conclusion and perspectives