Meeting of the MICAS project subproject H2OLAB software - subproject FRACTURED MEDIA - Rennes, june 13, 2008

Participants :

  1. Sage research group (INRIA Rennes): Baptiste Poirriez, Jocelyne Erhel
  2. Transfert research group (Geosciences CNRS Rennes): Philippe Davy, Jean-Raynald de Dreuzy, Delphine Roubinet, Géraldine Pichot, Romain Le Goc

Meeting agenda :

  1. Geological and statistical characteristics of fractured media (P. Davy)
  2. Flow in 3D Discrete Fracture Networks (B. Poirriez)
  3. A Mortar-type method for flow in Discrete Fracture Networks (G. Pichot)
  4. Identification of channels in highly heterogeneous media (R. Le Goc)
  5. Interaction of porous and fractured media (D. Roubinet)
  6. Conclusion and perspectives