Pr. Michel Raynal

Membre de l'Institut Universitaire de France
(French University Fellow)

My View
Professional Activities
Scientific Achievements


 Impact factors
□ 2015 SIROCCO Prize for Innovation in Distributed Computing
□ h-index : 49 (Google Scholar), 51 (Harzing index).
□ Best paper awards: 8 (3 ICDCS, DISC, 2 SSS, Europar, PODC).
□ In the distributed computing-oriented article titled “The Theoretic Center of Computer Science” that appeared in ACM Sigact News (Vol. 38(4):54-63, 2007), my name appears in the top 10 of the most central authors of the Principles of Distributed Computing area, in its “all-time” ranking.
□ Author of 11 books (8 in English, 3 in French) and 446 refereed articles (journal and conferences).

At the national level
□ “Senior member” of the Institut Universitaire de France.
□ Member of the Scientific Council of the Computing Science Institute (INS2I) of the French CNRS (national research center): 2011-2015.
□ Member of the Executive Board of the SIF: Société Informatique de France (French Computing Science Society) since 2013.

Member of the editorial board of the following journals
□ IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (2006-2011).
□ IEEE Transactions on Computers (2010-2015).
□ Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (since 2005).
□ Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering (since 1998).
□ Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences (since 1995).

Adjunct professorship position
□ Adjunct Professor (2013-2016), Polytechnic University (PolyU), Hong Kong.
IEEE TC on distributed computing
□ European representative in the IEEE technical committee on Distributed Computing.

Birthday celebration
□ The distributed computing community has celebrated my 60th birthday with a symposium that was part the international conference DISC 2009, which was held in Spain, september 2009. (The corresponding articles are recorded in the DISC’09 proceedings, Springer LNCS 5805, pages 3-5.)
□ Locally, my University department organized a colloqium to celebrate my 60th birtday in May 2009. Among others, the invited speakers included Leslie Lamport (triple winner of the Dijkstra award, and Turing Award 2013), Maurice Herlihy (winner of the Dijkstra award and the Godel Award), and Rachid Guerraoui (European ERC Grant Laureate).

“Innovation in Distributed Computing” award
□ Winner of the 2015 “Innovation in Distributed Computing” award (also called SIROCCO award) that I will formally receive at the 2015 SIROCCO conference. I am awarded this prize in distributed computing for my work on the condition-based approach to solve the consensus problem, and my work on message communication patterns related to message causal ordering and distributed checkpointing.
□ The Prize for “Innovation in Distributed Computing” is an award presented annually at the International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO) to an individual who have made a major contribution to understanding ”the relationships between information and efficiency in decentralized computing”, which is the main area of interest for this conference, whose typical topics are distributed computing, communication networks, game theory, parallel computing, social networks, mobile computing, autonomous robots, peer to peer systems, and communication complexity. The SIROCCO pro- ceedings are published by Springer in its LNCS series.
□ As expressed in the call for nominations, the aim of this award is to recognize inventors of new ideas that were unorthodox and outside the mainstream at the time of their introduction. To be eligible for this award: (1) The original contribution must have appeared in a publication at least five years before the year of the award, and (2) one of the articles related to this contribution must have appeared in the proceedings of SIROCCO. The award was presented for the first time in 2009. The previous winners are (in chronological order) Nicola Santoro, David Peleg, Jean-Claude Bermond, Roger Wattenhofer, Andrzej Pelc, and Pierre Fraigniaud.

Informatics Europe
□ The Informatics Europe society asked me to chair its first Best Currriculum Pratice Award, which was devoted to “Parallelism and Concurrency” (2011). (The award was 30K Euros funded by Intel Co.)

Steering committee member
□ ACM PODC and DISC are considered as the top conferences specialized in the theory and the principles of distributed computing. IEEE ICDCS is considered as one the best from a more applied point of view.
  • Vice-chair (2000-2002) and then chair (2002-2004) of the steering committee of DISC
     (Symposium on DIStributed Computing).
     During my chairing period, I sicceeded in making DISC an EATCS symposium (European Association for Theoretical Computer Science). Moreover, with Alex Shvartsman –UCONN and  MIT– (who was then the DISC SC vice-chair), we started discussions with ACM, in order that the Dijkstra prize becomes a prize jointly awarded by both DISC and PODC. We succeeded and the Dijkstra prize ceremony now alternates between  PODC and DISC.
  • Member of the steering committee of SIROCCO (Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity) 7 : 2005-2008.
  • ACM PODC (Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing): “member at large” for a three year term, elected during the plenary meeting at PODC 2006.
□ Currently member of the SC of:
   • IEEE ICDCS (Int’l Conference on Distributed Computing Systems), SC member since 2006
     (conference chair of ICDCS 2006).    
   • ICDCN (Int’l Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking), since 2004. ICDCN is becoming a
      premier distributed computing venue in Asia.     
   • NETYS (Int’l Conference on Networked systems), since 2013. NETYS is a new conference whose aim is to become a premier distributed computing venue in Africa.


PhD committees
□ Since 1980, I have been a member of more than 180 PhD committees (mainly in France).
□ Numerous PhD committees in France: Amiens, Besançon, Bordeaux, Brest, Caen, Grenoble, Lille,
      Montpellier, Nancy, Orl ́eans, Paris 5, Paris 6, Paris 7, Paris 11, Rennes, Toulouse.
□ I have been an external examiner for PhD in the following countries: Algeria (Alger, Oran), UK (Newcas tle upon Tyne: 1995, 2005, Cambridge 2006), Australia (Australian National University, Canberra, 1996), Belgium, Cameroun (Universitéde Yaoundé), Canada (Concordia University 1996 et 2000, Université de Montréal), Spain (Madrid, 2004), Ireland (Trinity College, 1996), Italy (Rome, 1998, 2006, 2011), Norway (Tromsoe University), Netherlands, Portugal (INESC 1996, Universidade de Lisboa 2014), Switzerland (EPFL 1992, 1995, 2005), Tunisia (ENSI, Tunis, 1999), and USA (Atlanta Georgia Tech 1999, Kansas State University, University of Texas at Austin, 1996), University of Puebla (Mexico, 2009).

International expertise
□ Since more than 20 years, I have written reviews for projects submitted to the European community, NSF (USA), FCAR (Québec, Canada), IAS (Australian Institute for Advanced Research), VR (Swedish Research Council), the funding research agency of Austria, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Recognition of foreign researchers by my university
□ I nominated Leslie Lamport (Microsoft, 2003), David Harel (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2005), and Gregor von Bochmann (University of Ottawa, 2012), who received the “Doctor Honoris Causa” title from my University.

International collaboration
□ I have co-authored articles with 159 co-authors (as cited by DBLP) all over the World. Those include:
    •  Israel: Yehuda Afek (Tel Aviv university), Roy Friedman, Yoram Moses, Shmuel Zaks (Technion, Haifa),
                 Gadi Taubenfeld (Herzliya).
    •  Europe: Ozalp Babaoglu (Universit ́a di Bologna, Italy), Roberto Baldoni and Francisco Quaglia
                    (Universita La Sapienza, Roma, Italy), Jerzy Brezinsky (University of Poznan, Poland),
                    Paul Ezilchelvan (University of Newcastle, UK), Antonio Fernandez (University del Rey
                    Juan Carlos Madrid, Spain), Cristof Fetzer (Dresden University, Germany),
                    José-Ramon de Mendivil (Universisdade  dePamplona, Spain), Rachid Guerraoui and
                    André Schiper (EPFL, Switzerand), Mikel Larrea (University of the Basque Country, Spain),
                    Luis Rodrigues and Paulo Verissimo (Lisbon, Portugal),
   •  US and Canada: Divy Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi (Santa Barbara), Mustaque Ahamad (Georgia
                   Tech), Ajoy Datta (University of Las Vegas), Vijay Garg (Austin, TX), Eli Gafni (UCLA),
                    Ajay Ksemkalyani (University of Chicago), Masaaki Mizuno (Kansas State University),
                    Gil Neiger (Intel, Portland, Oregon), Rob Netzer (when he was at Brown university),
                    Maurice Herlihy (Brown University), Ravi Prakash (University of TX, Richardson),
                    Mukesh Singhal (Kentucky university), Sam Toueg (University of Toronto),
                    K. Vidyasankar (University of Newfoundland, Canada).
   • Latin and South America: Sergio Rajsbaum and Armando Casta ̃neda (UNAM Mexico),
                    Fabiola Greve and Raimundo Macedo (Federal university of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil),
                    Francisco Brasileiro (Campina Grande, Brazil).
   •  Asia: Makoto Takizawa (Tokyo Denki University), Yoshifumi Manabe (NTT, Tokyo),
                   Jiannong Cao  (Hong-Kong Polytechnic University), Weigang Wu (Sun Yat-Sen
                   University,   Guangzhou, China).
□ I obtained with most of the previous researchers bi-national grants which allowed us to visit each other and produce new results. The corresponding countries are Israel, USA (NSF agreement with CNRS or INRIA), Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Hong-Kong.


 Scientific management activities

Reviewer for journals and books
□ I regularly review papers submitted to international journals. These journals include: Journal of the ACM (JACM), Information and Computation, Distributed Computing, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (ACM TOCS), ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (ACM TOPLAS), ACM Transactions on Database Systems (ACM TODS), Journal of Algorithms, Journal of Systems and Software (JSS), Journal of Computer and System Science (JCSS), Information Processing Letters (IPL), Parallel Processing Letters (PPL), IEEE Transactions on Computers (IEEE TC), IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (IEEE TPDS), IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE TKDE), IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (IEEE TSE), IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing(IEEE TDSC), Science of Computer Programming (SCP), Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), Theory of Computing Systems (TCS), The Computer Journal.
□ I am regularly asked to review book proposals by Wiley & Sons, Springer, and Kluwer Academic Press.


Recommendation letters
□ I have written lots of recommendation letters (more than 55) for Green Card (USA), tenure position or promotion to the rank of full professor. USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany and Israel are a subset of the corresponding countries for the professor positions.
□ I am regularly solicited to write recommendation letters to support applications to ACM or IEEE Fellowship. I have also written support letters for  nominations to the Turing award. I was a member of the Dijkstra Award for 2005.

Book prefaces
□ I was asked by book authors to write a preface for their books. This concerns the book “Elements of Distributed Computing” by Vijay Garg (UT Austin), published by Wiley & Sons (2004), and the book “Do-All Computing in Distributed Systems: Cooperation in the Presence of Adversity” by Chryssis Georgiou (University of Cyprus) and Alex Shvartsman (MIT and University of Connecticut), published by Springer (2008).

PC chair, PC member, organizing committee of  PODC, DISC, ICDCS, SIROCCO, and NETYS :
□ ACM PODC: PC member 2001, 2004, 2006, 2013, 2014, 2015.
SC member during 2006-2009. I have been sollicited several times to chair the PC of PODC (2005, and 2012) but I had to decline due to health problems.
□ The workshop on Distributed Algorithm (WDAG) became the int’l symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC) in 1996. PODC and DISC are recognized as the top conferences in the theory of distributed computing. Thanks to Jan van Leuween, I was involved in WDAG-DISC since its second edition, 1987. Since then, in one way or another, I spent lot of time and energy to have DISC a world leader conference.
PC chair: 1989 (Springer LNCS 312), 1995 (Springer LNCS 972).
PC member: 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996, 2006, 2008, 2013.
SC member: 2000-2004. SC Chair: 2002-2004.
□ IEEE ICDCS. The IEEE Int’l Conference on Distributed Computing Systems was created in 1981. I have been involved in ICDCS since the very beginning (as one of my very first papers was at the first ICDCS).
PC member: 1990, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2007, 2009.
Chair of the track “Distributed Algorithms and Methods”: 1994.
Chair of the track “Distributed Synchronization”: 1999.
Chair of the track “Formal models and theory”: 2005.
Chair of the track “Theoretical foundations”: 2008.
Program chair: 2002. Conference chair: 2006. Workshop co-chair: 2002, 2010.
Int’l liaison chair: 2003, 2009, 2013. Award committee chair: 2004. Tutorial chair: 2010.
□ SIROCCO. This conference is on complexity and the interplay between communication and computation.
Its proceedings are published in the Springer LNCS series.
PC co-chair (with Andrzej Pelc): 2005. PC member: 2007.
Guest co-editor (with Andrzej Pelc and David Peleg) of a special issue of TCS (Theoretical Computer Science) devoted to Communication Complexity (Vol. 384, 2007). This issue includes the revised and improved versions of the best papers of SIROCCO 2005.
□ NETYS. This is a new conference on Networked Systems. Its proceedings are published in the Springer LNCS series. I was PC member in 2013, and Program chair in 2014.

Other conferences
I have been involved in more than 180 program committees of int’l conferences, workshops, summer/winter schools. Here only a subset of them is listed.
□ ICDCN (Int’l Conf. on Distributed Computing and Networking). PC member: 2005, 2008. PC chair: 2013. A special issue ofTCS devoted to ICDCN 2013 will be published in 2015.
□ IEEE DSN (Int’l Conf. on Dependable Systems and Networks). PC : 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004.
□ IEEE SRDS (Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems). PC: 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005.
Award chair: 2014.
□ OPODIS (Int’l Symposium on Principles of Distributed Systems). PC 2006. Program chair: 2009.
□ IEEE FTDCS (Int’l workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems). PC: 1995. Program
Chair: 1995, 2003.
□ IEEE SPDP (Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Systems). PC: 1993, 1995.
□ IEEE IPDPS satellite workshop on Fault-tolerance in Parallel and Distributed Systems. PC: 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004.
□ IEEE ICA3P2 (Int’l Conference on Algorithms and Architecture for Parallel Processing). PC: 1995, 1997, 2002, 2007.
□ IEEE ISORC (Int’l Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time Distributed Computing).
Conference chair: 2002. Program chair: 1999. PC: 2003, 2006.
□ IEEE PRDC (Pacific Rim Dependable Computing).
PC: 2002, 2004, 2006. Int’l liaison chair: 2005.
□ IEEE NCA (Int’l Symposium. on Network Computing and Applications). PC: 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006.
□ PaCT (Int’l Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies). PC: 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009. (This conference is organized in Russia every two years.)
□ EUROPAR (European Conference on Parallelism). PC: 1999, 2001.
□ LADC (Latin-American Conference on Dependable Computing). PC: 2004, 2005, 2009.
□ IEEE AINA (Int’l Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications). PC: 2003, 2004,
2006. Int’l liaison co-chair: 2005.
□ MFSC (Int’l Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science), PC: 2009.
□ COCOA Annual Int’l Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, PC: 2009.