I am a researcher at Inria in Rennes (France), in charge of the Hycomes joint team of the Inria Rennes Bretagne Atlantique research center and of IRISA

My current research interests cover formal methods in cyberphysical systems design, with a particular focus on:

Interface theories, contract-based design methods and compositional reasoning methods for cyberphysical systems design

Hybrid systems modeling languages for cyberphysical systems design.

Structural analysis of multimode DAE systems and of nonsmooth dynamical systems.

Cosimulation methods for large cyberphysical systems models.

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Contact informations

email: benoit(dot)caillaud(at)inria(dot)fr

phone: +33 2 99 84 74 07


  INRIA Rennes / IRISA

  Campus de Beaulieu

  35042 Rennes cedex


Location: 48° 6'59.11"N  1°38'21.65"W