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About the organization of Polylib

Polylib is written in Ansi C and is running on Unix, Linux, and Windows (provided Cygwin is installed.) The current version is 5.0. Polylib is evolving, and developed by Brigham Yound University, ICPS in Strasbourg (France), and Irisa in Rennes (France). A central CVS repository is in Rennes at url Developers of Polylib use this repository to constantly improve the current version. Polylib is free, but is subject to the GNU General Public Licence agreement. Polylib 5.0 does not provide a user-friendly interface for computing polyhedra: if you want to try it, no other way than writing a C program which calls the appropriate functions. However, the developers plan to include in a future version some functions to parse and visualize domains (such functions exist, but they do not have currently a form suitable for distribution). In addition, part of Polylib can be called from the Mathematica software through an interface that was implemented for the MMAlpha software.

Sorin Olaru 2002-04-24