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TGV (Test Generation with Verification technology) is a prototype for the generation of conformance test suites for protocols. It is based on the model of input/output transition systems (IOLTS) and uses algorithms coming from verification technology. TGV has been developed in collaboration with Vérimag Grenoble and uses libraries of the Caésar-Aldébaran Distribution Package developped by Verimag Grenoble and VASY from Inria Rhône Alpes.

A first prototype has been connected to the GEODE tool (Verilog) and allows the production of test suites in the TTCN format (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation) from SDL specifications.

This prototype has been extended in the frame of the VASY action of the GIE Bull Inria Dyade. He allows to produce tests from LOTOS specifications. This version of TGV is now integrated in the CADP environment (see here how to download CADP/TGV).

Now, TGV can be easily connected to any IOLTS simulator, the TGV library is freely available for this purpose.

More details concerning TGV are available in the following papers:


(Abstract and PostScript)
Forma'95: slides presented at the colloquium Forma.
Testing'96: slides presented at Software Testing'96.
MOVEP'96: slides presented at MOVEP'96.
CAV'96: slides presented at CAV'96 (and paper).
FEMSYS'97: slides presented at FEMSYS'97.
GRECO 97: slides presented in a course at Greco in june 97.


(Abstract and PostScript)
CAV'96: paper presented at CAV'96 (and slides).
SCP'96 : Inria report version of a paper published in Science of Computer Programnming.

TGV Package

For a Sparc station SunOs5.*
For a PC under Linux 2.0
For a PC under Windows NT

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