Why Eiffel?

Eiffel is arguably the best commercial object-oriented language available today.
[Jim Rumbaugh et al. in Object-Oriented Modeling and Design, Prentice Hall 1991].

Developers who want an object-oriented language that adheres to the keystone principles of software engineering need look no further than Eiffel.
[Peter Varhol in Byte Magazine, February 1996.]

As a design language, Eiffel continues to be a better model for object- oriented programming than Ada. It is even better than the new Ada 9X standard.
[Richard Riehle in HP Professional, October 1994, A Tour of Eiffel.]

It took us 7 years to design the Taligent software in C++. If we had had Eiffel as our design and coding environment, we could have done it in 4.
[Jack Grimes, VP, Taligent in a Keynote speech at the TOOLS USA '95 Conference in Santa Barbara, CA]

We evaluated three major object-oriented languages for the project - Smalltalk, C++ and Eiffel - and chose Eiffel. [...] Rainbow currently comprises over 400,000 lines of code, for about 3000 classes. The developers feel very productive. This was confirmed when Rainbow's financial backers brought in object professionals to audit the project. The auditors evaluated the project during July 1994 and were impressed with the productivity of the Rainbow development group.
[Philippe Stephan in Object Magazine, July-August 1995, Building financial software with object technology.]

There is a big problem with people who say they know C++ - but they don't really know how to do objects. If they have Eiffel on their résumé, then we know they really have the proper understanding of what they are doing.
[Leslie Goff quoting an IT hiring manager in Computerworld, Object Edge, December 18, 1995.]

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