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Membres de l'équipe / Team members

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METISS was an  IRISA joint project-team between INRIA and CNRS.

After a complete lifecycle as an Inria project-team (2001-2012) METISS has been stopped on December 31 2012. A new project-team called PANAMA has been created.

See the web site of PANAMA

Metiss Project Team                                 

Chef d'équipe / Team Leader

Chercheurs permanents / Permanent researchers

Assistante de projet / Administrative assistant

Ingénieurs / Engineers

Postdoctorants / Postdocs

Doctorants / PhD Students

Stagiaires/ Interns

Anciens membres / Former members

  • Mathieu Ben, research engineer
  • Yannick Benezeth, research and development engineer
  • Pierre Cauchy, research engineer
  • Gilles Gonon, research engineer
  • Bruno Jacob, research engineer
  • Florent Jaillet, research & development engineer
  • Séna Kougblénou, research and development engineer
  • Alexey Ozerov, research engineer
  • Fabienne Porée, research engineer
  • Grégoire Bachman, development engineer
  • Olivier Le Blouch, development engineer
  • Ronan Le Boulch, development engineer
  • Guylaine Lejan, development engineer
  • Benjamin Roy, development engineer
  • Laurent Benaroya, PhD student
  • Raphaël Blouet, PhD student
  • Mikael Collet, PhD student
  • Ngoc Q. K. Duong, PhD student
  • Nobutaka Ito, PhD student
  • Ewa Kijak, PhD student
  • Sylvain Lesage, PhD student
  • Lorcan McDonagh, PhD student
  • Armando Muscariello, PhD student
  • Amadou Sall, PhD student
  • Mouhamadou Seck, PhD student
  • Prasad Sudhakar, PhD student