Stereo Audio Source Separation Evaluation Campaign
Test data
Download the test data (10 MB)
(live recordings updated on January 17, 2007)

Description of the data

The test data are obtained similarly to the development data, except that the sources have different positions. Depending on the mixture, the source directions of arrival vary between -60 degrees and +60 degrees with a minimal spacing of 15 degrees and the distances between the sources and the center of the microphone pair vary between 80 cm and 1.20 m.

File naming convention

The test data consist of WAV audio files containing stereo mixture signals, that can be imported in Matlab using the wavread command. These files are named <srcset>_inst_mix.wav or <srcset>_<mixtype>_<spacing>_mix.wav, following the same convention as for the development data.

The test data are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license. They can be freely used for non-commercial purposes and redistributed under the same license, provided the authors are acknowledged. Authors names are currently hidden but will be revealed after the campaign.