Second Workshop on Mutation Analysis (Mutation2006) in conjunction with ISSRE'06

Call for paper


Important dates

Submission deadline: August 21, 2006
Notification of acceptance: September 12, 2006
Final version due: September 29, 2006
Workshop day: November 7, 2006

Workshop Organizers

Yves Le Traon (ENST-Bretagne, France)
Eric Wong (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
Benoit Baudry (IRISA / INRIA, France)

Program Committee

Roger Alexander, USA
Jamie Andrews, Canada
Fevzi Belli, Germany
Lionel Briand, Canada
Byoungju Choi, Korea
John Clark, UK
Sudipto Ghosh, USA
Mark Harman, UK
Bill Howden, USA
Yong-Rae Kwon, Korea
Jose' Carlos Maldonado, Brazil
Aditya Mathur, USA
Jeff Offutt, USA
Vadim Okun, USA
Helene Waeselynck, France

Organization of the workshop day

The workshop will take place in room Hannover III
The registration for the workshop day and the main conference will open at 07:30. A breakfast will be available from 07:45 to 08:15.



Registration for workshops and main conference




Session 1, chair: Eric Wong


SQLMutation: a Tool to Generate Mutants of SQL Database Queries
Javier Tuya, M Jose Suarez-Cabal and Claudio de la Riva


Mutation Analysis for Reactive System Environment Properties
Michel Delaunay, Huy Vu Do and Chantal Robach


Efficient Mutant Generation for Mutation Testing of Pointcuts in Aspect-Oriented Programs
Prasanth Anbalagan and Tao Xie


Exman: a Generic and Customizable Framework for Experimental Mutation Analysis
Jeremy Bradbury, James Cordy and Juergen Dingel


Coffee break


Session 2, chair: Fevzi Belli

Finding Sufficient Mutation Operators via Variable Reduction
Akbar Namin and James Andrews

Assessment of Data Diversity Methods for Software Fault Tolerance Based on Mutation Analysis
Guillermo Gallardo, John May and Julio Gallardo


The Sesame Experience: from Assembly Languages to Declarative Models
Yves Crouzet, Helene Waeselynck, Benjamin Lussier and David Powell


Fault-Based Interface Testing Between Real-Time Operating System and Application
Ahyoung Sung, Jina Jang and Byoungju Choi




Session 3, chair: James Andrews


Basic Operations for Generating Behavioral Mutants
Fevzi Belli, Christof J. Budnik and W. Eric Wong


MuGamma: Mutation Analysis of Deployed Software to Increase Confidence and Assist Evolution
Sang-Woon Kim, Mary Jean Harrold and Yong-Rae Kwon


Mutation Operators for Concurrent Java (J2SE 5.0)
Jeremy Bradbury, James Cordy and Juergen Dingel


Coffee break


Session 4, chair: Sudipto Ghosh


Mutation Testing Implements Grammar-Based Testing
Jeff Offutt, Paul Ammann and Lisa (Ling) Liu


Mutation-Based Model Synthesis in Model-Driven Engineering
Sagar Sen and Benoit Baudry


Establishing a Mutation Testing Educational Module Based on IMA-CID
Ellen Francine Barbosa and Jos Carlos Maldonado




Panel / Discussion