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La Baule, Centre de Congres Atlantia, France
October 23-26, 2006
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1 - Please upload the final version of the paper here before June 15.

2 - The Transfer of Copyright Agreement form (Word or PDF format) should be sent to the IWFHR 10 Secretariat before June 15 by fax only (+33 2 99 84 71 71).

3 - Each paper must have a registered author in order to be included in the proceedings.
The deadline for author registration is July 15 . Papers that do not have an associated registered author by July 15 will not be included in the proceedings.
To register please go to the Registration page.

Out of 133 presented papers 98 are accepted: 60 posters and 38 oral presentations.

Accepted papers

Paper #    Title     Author(s)   Decision
1003 Online Japanese Character Recognition Using Trajectory-Based Normalization and Direction Feature Extraction LIU, Cheng-Lin/ZHOU, Xiang-Dong Oral
1004 Discrimination between digits and outliers in handwritten documents applied to the extraction of numerical fields CHATELAIN, clément/HEUTTE, laurent/PAQUET, thierry Poster
1006 Combination of Multiple Handwritten Text Line Recognition Systems with a Recursive Approach BERTOLAMI, Roman/HALTER, Beat/BUNKE, Horst Poster
1007 Zoning and Metaclasses Improving the Character Recognition FREITAS, Cinthia/OLIVEIRA, Luiz/JUSTINO, Edson/AIRES, Simone Poster
1008 Experimental Analysis on Feature Extraction and Image Reconstruction with Orthogonal Moments SINGH, Chandan Poster
1009 Geometrical-Statistical Modeling of Character Structures for Natural Stroke Extraction and Matching LIU, Xiabi/JIA, Yunde/TAN, Ming Oral
1010 HIT-MW Dataset for Offline Chinese Handwritten Text Recognition SU, Tonghua/ZHANG, Tianwen/GUAN, Dejun Poster
1011 Online Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Japanese Text Using Statistical Information MARUKAWA, Katsumi Poster
1012 Off-line signature verification: a comparison between human and machine performance COETZER, Hanno/HERBST, Ben/DU PREEZ, Johan Poster
1013 Personalization of an Online Handwriting Recognition System HALUPTZOK, Patrick/REVOW, Michael/ABDULKADER, Ahmad Poster
1014 Sample Selection for Optimising Signature Enrolment GUEST, Richard/FAIRHURST, Mike Poster
1015 Unsupervised Estimation of Writing Style Models for Improved Unconstrained Off-line Handwriting Recognition FINK, Gernot/PLÖTZ, Thomas Oral
1016 Automatic Indexing of Handwritten Medical Forms for Search Engines MILEWSKI, Robert/GOVINDARAJU, Venu Poster
1017 Sentence Boundary Detection for Handwritten Text Recognition ZIMMERMANN, Matthias Poster
1019 Two-stage Recognition of Raw Acceleration Signals for 3-D Gesture-Understanding Cell Phones CHO, Sung-Jung Oral
1020 Multilingual Language Models for on-Line Handwriting Recognition PERRAUD, Freddy/VIARD-GAUDIN, Christian/MORIN, Emmanuel Oral
1022 A Data-Embedding Pen UCHIDA, Seiichi/TANAKA, Kazuhiro/IWAMURA, Masakazu/OMACHI, Shinichiro/KISE, Koichi Poster
1023 Online Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models BIADSY, Fadi/EL-SANA, Jihad/HABASH, Nizar Poster
1024 HMM-Based On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Whiteboard Notes LIWICKI, Marcus Oral
1025 Off-Line Writer Verification: A Comparison of a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) based System SCHLAPBACH, Andreas/BUNKE, Horst Oral
1026 Combining Snakes and Neural Networks for Off-Line Signature VELEZ, Jose/SANCHEZ, Angel/MORENO, Ana B./ESTEBAN, Jose Luis Poster
1027 Biometric Writer Identification Based on the Interdependency between Static and Dynamic Features of Handwriting CHAPRAN, Joulia Poster
1028 “One Against One” or “One Against All”: Which One is Better for Handwriting Recognition with SVMs? MILGRAM, Jonathan/CHERIET, Mohamed/SABOURIN, Robert Oral
1029 Standard Databases for Recognition of Handwritten Digits, Numerical Strings, Worded Numbers, Letters and Dates in Farsi Language SOLIMANPOUR, Farshid/SADRI, Javad/SUEN, Ching Y. Oral
1031 A Handwritten Chinese Address Recognition Method Using Recursive Holistic Word Matching and Edit Distance Based Verification Strategies HUANG, Kaizhu/HOTTA, Yoshinobu/NAOI, Satoshi Poster
1033 Modeling Segmentation Cuts Using Support Vector Machines VELLASQUES, Eduardo/OLIVEIRA, Luiz/SABOURIN, Robert/BRITTO, Alceu/KOERICH, Alessandro Oral
1035 A Lexicon Driven Method for Unconstrained Bangla Handwritten Word Recognition PAL, U./ROY, Kaushik/KIMURA, Fumitaka Oral
1037 On the Accent in Handwriting of Individuals FAROOQ, Faisal Poster
1038 High Performance Convolutional Neural Networks for Document Processing CHELLAPILLA, KumarPURI, Sidd/SIMARD, Patrice Poster
1039 Allograph Based Writer adaptation for Handwritten Character Recognition CHELLAPILLA, Kumar/SIMARD, Patrice/ABDULKADER, Ahmad Oral
1040 A New Radical Based Approach to Offline Handwritten East-Asian Character Recognition CHELLAPILLA, Kumar/SIMARD, Patrice Oral
1042 Semi-Continuous HMMs with Explicit State Duration Applied to Arabic Handwritten Word Recognition BENOUARETH, Abdallah/ENNAJI, Abdelatif/SELLAMI, Mokhtar Poster
1043 An Additive On-line Single Character Recognition Method STERNBY, Jakob Oral
1044 Contribution to the automatic recognition of business documents GACEB, Djamel/LEBOURGEOIS, Frank/EMPTOZ, Hubert Poster
1045 An Agent-Based and Context-Oriented Approach to Symbol Recognition in Diagrammatic Drawings CASELLA, Giovanni/DEUFEMIA, Vincenzo/MASCARDI, Viviana Poster
1046 Combining Multiple Features for Text-Independent Writer Identification and Verification BULACU, Marius/SCHOMAKER, Lambert Oral
1048 Classification System Optimization with Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms RADTKE, Paulo Vinicius Wolski/SABOURIN, Robert/WONG, Tony Poster
1052 Comparison of Two Different Feature Sets for Offline Recognition of Handwritten Arabic Words PECHWITZ, Mario/MAERGNER, Volker/EL ABED, Haikal Poster
1053 Conditional Random Fields for Online Handwriting Recognition DO, Trinh Minh Tri/ARTIÈRES, Thierry Oral
1054 Improving the Courtesy Amount Recognition Accuracy Rate Through Delimiters ZANCHETTIN, Cleber/CAVALCANTI, George/SILVA, Eduardo/BEZERRA, Byron/DÓRIA, Rodrigo/REBELO, Juliano Poster
1056 Using Segmentation Constraints in an Implicit Segmentation Scheme for On-line Word Recognition CAILLAULT, Emilie/VIARD-GAUDIN, Christian Oral
1058 Handwritten Gesture Recognition for Gesture Keyboard V., Deepu/MADHVANATH, Sriganesh Poster
1059 Automatic trajectory extraction and validation of scanned handwritten characters NIELS, Ralph/VUURPIJL, Louis Poster
1060 Ink-deposition analysis using temporal (online) data FRANKE, Katrin Oral
1061 Efficient Off-Line Cursive Handwriting Word Recognition GATOS, Basilios/PRATIKAKIS, Ioannis/KESIDIS, Anastasios/PERANTONIS, Stavros Poster
1062 A Block-Based Hough Transform Mapping for Text Line Detection in Handwritten Documents LOULOUDIS, Georgios/GATOS, Basilios/PRATIKAKIS, Ioannis/HALATSIS, Konstantinos Poster
1063 Generalization Capacity of Handwritten Outlier Symbols Rejection with Neural Network MOUCHÈRE, Harold/ANQUETIL, Eric Oral
1064 LipiTk: A Generic Toolkit for Online Handwriting Recognition MADHVANATH, Sriganesh/V., Deepu/KADIRESAN, Thanigai Murugan Poster
1065 Word-wise Hand-written Script Separation for Indian Postal automation ROY, Kaushik/PAL, U. Poster
1066 A Novel Scheme for Implementation of the Scanning ntuple Classifier in a Constrained Environment HOQUE, Sanaul/FAIRHURST, Michael Poster
1068 What Knowledge about Handwritten Letters can be Used to Recover their Drawing Order ? ROUSSEAU, Laetitia/ANQUETIL, Eric/CAMILLERAPP, Jean Poster
1073 Online Character Segmentation Method for Unconstrained Handwriting Strings using Off-stroke Features FURUKAWA, Naohiro/TOKUNO, Junko/IKEDA, Hisashi Poster
1074 Real-Time Feature-Based Automatic Signature Verification SHRIDHAR, Mal/HOULE, Gilles/BAKKER, Ron/KIMURA, Fumitaka Poster
1075 Damaged Character Pattern Recognition on Wooden Tablets Excavated from the Heijo Palace Site NAKAGAWA, Masaki/SAITO, Kei/KITADAI, Akihito/TOKUNO, Junko/BABA, Hajime/WATANABE, Akihiro Poster
1076 Online Handwritten Character Recognition of Devanagari and Telugu Characters using Support Vector Machines SWETHALAKSHMI, Hariharan Poster
1079 The Influence of Image Complexity on Handwriting Recognition RUSU, Amalia/GOVINDARAJU, Venu Oral
1080 On-line Verification for Signatures of Different Sizes ARAUJO, Rodrigo/CAVALCANTI, George/ CARVALHO, Edson Poster
1082 2D Model of Hidden Markov Mesh Based on Complete Lattices SIN, Bong-Kee Poster
1083 A Compact On-line and Off-line Combined Recognizer ODA, Hideto/ZHU, Bilan/TOKUNO, Junko/ONUMA, Motoki/KITADAI, Akihito/NAKAGAWA, Masaki Poster
1086 Comparison of Gabor-Based Features for Writer Identification SHAHABI NEJAD, Fateme/RAHMATI, Mohammad Poster
1087 Neural Combination of ANN and HMM for Handwritten Devanagari Numeral Recognition BHATTACHARYA, Ujjwal/PARUI, Swapan Kumar/SHAW, Bikash/BHATTACHARYA, Kuntal Oral
1088 A Complete Handwritten Numeral Database of Bangla – A Major Indic Script CHAUDHURI, Bidyut Baran Poster
1091 Signature Verification with Dynamic RBF Networks and Time Series Motifs GRUBER, Christian/CODURO, Michael/SICK, Bernhard Oral
1092 A New Table Extraction and Recovery Methodology with little use of Previous Knowledge NEVES, Luiz Antônio Pereira/CARVALHO, João Marques de/FACON, Jacques/BORTOLOZZI, Flávio Poster
1093 A New Algorithm for Detecting Text Line in Handwritten Documents LI, Yi/ZHENG, Yefeng/DOERMANN, David/JAEGER, Stefan Oral
1095 On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Expressions Based on Stroke-Based Stochastic Contex-Free Grammar YAMAMOTO, Ryo/SAKO, Shinji/NISHIMOTO, Takuya/SAGAYAMA, Shigeki Oral
1096 A Comprehensive Isolated Farsi/Arabic Character Database for Handwritten OCR Research MOZAFFARI, Saeed Poster
1097 On-line Handwritten Character Recognition Selectively employing Hierarchical Spatial Relationships among Subpatterns TOKUNO, Junko/NAKAI, Mitsuru/SHIMODAIRA, Hiroshi/SAGAYAMA, Shigeki/NAKAGAWA, Masaki Poster
1098 Fuzzy Relative Positioning for On-Line Handwritten Stroke Analysis BOUTERUCHE, François/MACÉ, Sébastien/ANQUETIL, Eric Poster
1099 Active-DTW : A Generative Classifier that combines Elastic Matching with Active Shape Modeling for Online Handwriting Recognition SRIDHAR, Muralikrishna/MANDALAPU, Dinesh/PATIL, Mehul Oral
1101 Color Mixing Correction for Post-printed Patterns on Colored Background Using Modified Particle Density Model SUWA, Misako Poster
1105 Markov Random Field Models to Extract the Layout of Complex Handwritten Documents NICOLAS, Stéphane/PAQUET, Thierry/HEUTTE, Laurent Poster
1106 Novel Hybrid NN/HMM Modelling Techniques for On-line Handwriting Recognition SCHENK, Joachim Oral
1107 Machine Print Filter for Handwriting Analysis CHEN, Siyuan/SRIHARI, Sargur Poster
1108 Evaluating the Security of Handwriting Biometrics LOPRESTI, Daniel/MONROSE, Fabian/BALLARD, Lucas Oral
1109 A fast learning strategy using pattern selection for feedforward neural networks VAJDA, Szilard/CECOTTI, Hubert/RANGONI, Yves/BELAÏD, Abdel Poster
1110 Modeling of Pen-Coordinate Information in SCPR-based HMM for On-line Recognition of Handwritten Japanese Characters TOKUNO, Junko/YANG, Yiping/DA SILVA, Gleidson Pegoretti/KITADAI, Akihito/NAKAGAWA, Masaki Oral
1111 Segmentation-Based and Segmentation-Free Methods for Spotting Handwritten Arabic Words BALL, Gregory/SRIHARI, Sargur/SRINIVASAN, Harish Oral
1112 Pen gestures in online map and photograph annotation tasks WILLEMS, Don Poster
1114 Fusing High- and Low-Level Features for Handwritten Word Recognition KOERICH, Alessandro/BRITTO, Alceu/OLIVEIRA, Luiz/SABOURIN, Robert Poster
1115 Text Independent Writer Identification from Online Handwriting NAMBOODIRI, Anoop/GUPTA, Sachin Oral
1116 Evaluation of handwriting similarities using Hermite transform BRES, Stephane/EGLIN, Veronique Poster
1117 Modelling on-line handwriting using pairwise relational features. RUDY, Sicard/THIERRY, Artières/ERIC, Petit Oral
1118 A Purely Online Approach to Mathematical Expression Recognition GENOE, Ray/FITZGERALD, John A./KECHADI, Tahar Oral
1119 Context Processing to Read Text on Damaged Wooden Tablets KITADAI, Akihito/NISHIJIMA, Kazu/SAITO, Kei/NAKAGAWA, Masaki/BABA, Hajime/WATANABE, Akihiro Poster
1120 A priori and a posteriori integration and combination of language models in an on-line handwritten sentence recognition system QUINIOU, Solen/ANQUETIL, Eric Poster
1121 Ligature Modeling for Recognition of Characters Written in 3D Space KIM, Dae Hwan/KIM, Jin Hyung Poster
1122 Prototype Selection Methods for On-line HWR STERNBY, Jakob Poster
1123 Synthesis of Online Handwriting in Indian Languages JAWAHAR, C.V./A., Balasubramanian Oral
1124 A Two-Tier Approach for Arabic Offline Handwriting Recognition ABDULKADER, Ahmad Poster
1125 An Ensemble-based PCA Model for Recognition of Handwritten Numerals CHINDARO, Samuel/SIRLANTZIS, Konstantinos/FAIRHURST, Michael C. Poster
1126 Model-Based Annotation of Online Handwritten Datasets KUMAR, Anand/A., Balasubramanian/NAMBOODIRI, Anoop/JAWAHAR, C.V. Oral
1128 A Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithm for Adaptation to Intersession Variability in On-line Signature Verification KATO, Yudai/MURAMATSU, Daigo/MATSUMOTO, Takashi Oral
1130 Mapping Transcripts to Handwritten Text HUANG, Chen/SRIHARI, Sargur Oral
1131 Global method based on pattern occurrences VINCENT, nicole/PARETI, Rudolf Poster
1132 Discriminative Writer Classification SZUMMER, Martin Oral
1133 From Informational Confidence to Informational Intelligence JAEGER, Stefan Poster
1134 Erasure Extraction in On-Line Captured Paper Forms WIART, Alain/PAQUET, Thierry/HEUTTE, Laurent Oral



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