2nd Workshop on SDL and MSC

Grenoble, France June, 26-28 2000

Monday 26

9h00 Welcome


Tutorial on SDL 2000
Eckhardt Holz

   followed by a discussion

+ coffee break 


12h00 Lunch


Session 1: Invited Talk 
Chair: Claude Jard

"Analyzing Message Sequence Charts"
A. Muscholl


14h30 Coffee break


Session 2: MSC 
Chair : Oysten Haugen

"Design decisions on data and guards in MSC2000"

Decomposition of Message Sequence Charts
L.Helouet, P.Le Maigat

Connecting Message Sequence Charts
F.A. Meijs

HyperMSC- a graphical representation of TTCN
E.Rudolph, I. Schieferdecker, J. Grabowski

17h00 Short Break 
17h15 Session 3: Real time extensions for SDL 
Chair : Stefan Leue

SDL and hard real time systems: 
             new design and analysis techniques
J.M. Alvarez, M.Diaz, L.M. Llopis, E. Pimentel, 
J.M. Troya

SDL for real time: What is missing ?
M.Bozga, S.Graf, A.Kerbrat, L. Mounier, I. Ober, 
D. Vincent





Time and performance for SDL, MSC, and TTCN
organized by the Interval project



Busses to hotels in Sappey and Grenoble


Tuesday 27



Session 4: UML
Chair: Benoît Caillaud

On the relationship between Use-case maps 
and Message Sequence Charts
F. Bordeleau, D. Cameron

Adaptation of SOMT to the development of 
systems based upon a standard
J.P Albaladejo Marquez, J. Poncela Gonzalez, J.T 
Entrembasaguas Munoz

Approximation of (H)MSC semantics 
by Event Automata
N.Mansurov, D. Vasura

10h30 Coffee Break


Session 5: Test 1
Chair: Jens Grabowski

Probabilities in the TorX test derivation algorithm
L.M.G. Feijs, N. Goga, S. Mauw

Test generation based on control and data dependencies within multi-process SDL specifications
O. Henniger, H. Ural

Validation and test case generation for MSCs using a prepositional SAT solver
K. Meinke

12h30 Lunch


Session 6: Test 2
Chair: Katalin Tarnay

Test Generation with Autolink and Testcomposer
M. Schmidt, J. Grabowski, M. Ebner

Testbed development for communication systems using formal languages
J. Poncela Gonzalez, R. Sanchez Mejias, P Tapia Moreno, R. Ferrer Alvarez, J.T Entrembasaguas Munoz

15h00 Coffee break 


Session 7: Keynote Talk
Chair: Philippe Leblanc

Real time system modeling with UML: current status and some prospects
F. Terrier (CEA/LETI)

Panel on convergence SDL-UML 
organized by Philippe Leblanc with the participation of experts from Alcatel, CEA/LETI, Ericsson, ITU and Telelogic 







SDL forum Society meeting





Busses to hotels in Sappey and Grenoble


Wednesday 28



Session 8: Semantics
Chair: Joachim Fischer

An executable formal semantics for SDL-20000
A. Prinz, R. Eschbach, R. Gotzhein

A semantics for MSCs based on Petri net components
S. Heymer



Session 9: Case study
Chair: Laurent Mounier

Experience from using MSC, UML, and SDL in the development of the FAME communication manager. 
K. Stoelen, P.Mohn

10h30 Coffee Break 


Session 10: SDL 
Chair: Rick Reed

Development of SDL based software for an embedded system - practical experience
S.Blasius, S. Karg, J. Maier, G. Kohler

Enriching SDL specifications with MSCs 
F. Khendek, D. Vincent

Scheduling in SDL simulation. 
Application to Future Air Navigation Systems
F. Boutet, G. Rieux, Y. Lejeune

SDL based autocode generation: 
     a multi beneficial approach


13h00 Lunch



Organization and strategy of Telelogic

by Ingemar Ljungdhal


15h15 Closing



Tool exhibitions during the workshop:

TELELOGIC : demos of ObjectGeode and Tau

VERIMAG : IF tools

Prover Technologies Tools

Cinderella Tools

To get more information on the presentations, you can consult the list of papers