Second International Workshop

Automated and Algorithmic Debugging

Saint-Malo, France, May 22-24, 1995

Sponsored by COMPULOG-NET, Région Bretagne and Université de Rennes 1


Introduction to AADEBUG'95

Over the past decade automated debugging has seen major achievements. However, as debugging is by necessity attached to particular programming paradigms, the results are scattered. Following the first issue of AADEBUG which took place in Linkoeping, Sweden, May 1993, AADEBUG'95 gathered common debugging themes and solutions across programming communities.

The proceedings include the text of the invited talk of Noël Plouzeau and Michel Raynal, 19 contributed papers and 5 posters.

Authors of papers and posters are coming from 12 countries: USA (6), France (4), Germany (4), Sweden (2), Switzerland (2), Australia(1), Canada(1), Finland(1), Hungaria(1), Italie(1), Japan(1), and Korea(1).

Papers and posters cover different paradigms: real-time programming, parallel programming, concurrent programming, distributed programming, object-oriented programming, sequential programming with lazy evaluation, logic programming, functional programming, imperative programming.

Papers cover many aspects of debugging and testing:

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With courtesy of E. Lebret

AADEBUG'95 was held in France à la Briantais near Saint Malo on the coast of Britanny.

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