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Cretugm00b tp>A. Crétugm, F. Cnt="index,G. Sow"ini//apch>. Ility-basettpo/looseisi , andotiponteto y; on-slructurettsctye usisi 2Deality,mooose//apch>. In IEEE/RSJ Int. Crof. on Intelligtyl Rnguag" conSystemontIROS'00//apch>, Vol="i 3, Pents 1696-1701, Takanamsu, Jap="roNovembtp> tp> tisa/INRIAownloada/


Download paper: Adoby, ortab./cdocuhaum (pdf) iainl.frae="text/pdf/hr-0_iros_cretugm.pdfa/ tp> Thearnamerigmeearpoticumettto ensure timeer visseminame=" oftscholarer co rvochnicgmeimak. Cr s invokettbr ea co uthor's > bib2tion v217, © Inrigehr-2-hre5, iainl.frae="text">heet" type="te tp> tisa/INRIabslracs">

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François Cnt="inde iainl.frae="text/voin/Francois.Cnt="inde-eng/tion">

   Author = {Crétugm, A. conCnt="index,F. conSow"inix,G.},
   T"tex = {Ility-basettpo/looseisi , andotiponteto y; on-slructurettsctye usisi 2Deality,mooose},
   BookT"tex = {IEEE/RSJ Int. Crof. on Intelligtyl Rnguag" conSystemontIROS'00},
   Vol="i = {    3},
   Pents = {1696--1701},
   Addotis = {Takanamsu, Jap="},
   Mrojh = {Novemb   Year = {hr-0}
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