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Responsable: Jean-Marie Bonnin, (Télécom Bretagne)

Description en anglais.

Research on Networks and Telecommunication is in constant move due to the evolution of transmission technologies, the growth of various types of interconnected networks and the increasing demands of new services by end-users. Digital communication networks are today an essential resource in modern human societies. Their large scale interconnection is continuing towards the vision of a quasi-permanent interaction between humans, machines and a whole set of artefacts. Networking of people and objects in all the scales is a realistic prospect. It will bring an added-value and will be acceptable if several important open questions find solutions:
- By inventing new protocols and services
- By mastering scalability and heterogeneity of networks
- By analyzing and evaluating the quality of services (QoS) and quality of users' experience (QoE)
These are the main issues tackled, at different levels and with different approaches by the teams of the "Networks, Telecommunications and Services" Department.

Rapports d'activités (PDF)

ADOPNET : 2015 ; 2016
ex-ATNET : 2010 ; 2011 ; 2012 ; 2013 ; 2014

ex-REOP :  2012 ; 2013 ; 2014

2012 ; 2013 ; 2014 ; 2015 ; 2016

2012 ; 2013 ; 2014 ; 2015 ; 2016


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