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Post-doc in Adaptive algorithms for Long range communications


Project Description: Even the smallest sensors are now able to send their data over what is called Internet of Things (IoT), such that every user in the world could reach it. Even though these sensors are deployed in a large area without infrastructure, the appearance of Long Range Radio (LRR) solutions, such as the Sigfox operator [sigfox15] or the Lora alliance [lora15], allows a reliable connectivity of the sensor network.  This kind of networks is called LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) and it should enable the deployment of a simple star network over which thousands of sensors will be able to communicate with a single network gateway.

In such context, the two following challenges must be addressed: 

  • The mobility influence on the long-range radio technology (in the case of sensor nodes embedded on vehicles, for example). This issue has paid little attention for now because most IoT applications are weakly mobile.
  • The coexistence of these technologies with other radio standards using the ISM bands (e.g. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth). The SigFox technology, for example, is essentially based on retransmissions to ensure data delivery. This mechanism may be inefficient in case of strong interferences.

To tackle these challenges, the objectives of this study are to provide energy efficient algorithms and protocols able to adapt to environment parameters (i.e. mobility and interference) while respecting applications requirements in terms of data rate, reliability, latency, and energy consumptions.

Profil / compétences: 

Required skills: The candidate should be experienced in digital communications or in signal processing, be familiar with C or/and Matlab and be fluent in English. Some knowledge on protocol lower layers would be appreciated. An experience on programming microcontroller or on using network simulators (OMNET++, NS2, …) can be a plus. 

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about 2.100 euros net monthly (depending on the candidate’s experience)
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