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EIT Digital, Business Opportunity Recognition - Business Modeling and Management

Lundi, 24. avril 2017 - 8:30 - Vendredi, 28. avril 2017 - 17:00
EIT Digital Colocation Center in Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu – PNRB, 2nd floor

Business Modeling and Management - EIT Digital Doctoral SchoolA 5-days seminar (in english) for PhD candidates and young researchers on Entrepreneurship at EIT Digital Colocation Center in Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu – PNRB, 2nd floor.


Within this ‘Business Opportunity Recognition/Business Modeling’ seminar, the participants will be engaged in the early stage of a new venture process, namely developing a feasible business model from a product or service idea. During this seminar, the doctoral candidates will get the opportunity to develop experience-based knowledge about the initial business development process inspired by real entrepreneurs’ testimonials and connected to their discipline. Complementary business competences required to manage a new venture will be covered including strategic management, project management, and marketing management.


EIT Digital Colocation Center in Rennes (France) Campus de Beaulieu, PNRB - 2nd floor
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The deadline for registration is April 19th. To ask for registration please send an email to rennes@eitdigital.eu
The number of participants is limited. No registration fees but the registration is binding.
Coffee and lunch breaks are free of charge for the participants.


Business Modeling and Management - Avril 2017

For more information:

Your contacts at EIT Digital Doctoral Training Center (DTC) in Rennes: Yvonnick.David@eidigital.eu or Martine.Lemercier@irisa.fr

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