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C Collewet, F. Chaumette, L. Wallian. 2D visual servoing on complex shapes based on a polar description. In 6th IFAC Int. Symp. on Robot Control, SYROCO'00, Volume 2, Pages 711-716, Vienna, Austria, September 2000.


This paper deals with the way to achieve robotic positioning tasks by 2D visual servoing. We consider the case when the considered objects have a complex and unknown shape. First, we are interested in the computation of an analytical expression of the interaction matrix with regards to the visual features extracted from the image contour of the observed object. We illustrate this way to proceed thanks to a polar description of the contour. Experimental results validate the proposed algorithm. In particular, the robustness of the control law is tested with regards to a coarse calibrated system, to an approximation of the depth of the object, and to partial occlusion.


Christophe Collewet

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