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Leader: Olivier PIVERT
Shaman (ex Pilgrim) is the acronym of “A Symbolic and Human-centric view of dAta MANagement”.

Research axis:

  • Modeling/integrating imperfect data
  • Understanding data (Data summaries, database clustering, data analytics)
  • Querying data in a flexible way (Preference queries, Bipolar fuzzy queries, Implementation, fuzzy query optimization, Flexible querying of graph databases)
  • Cooperative answering (Obviating empty/plethoric answer sets, Providing enriched answers)

Shaman is a research team of the Data and Knowledge Management (DKM) department of IRISA.

Fact following team:  PILGRIM
Created since: 01/01/14
Associated establishments: Université de Rennes 1, CNRS
Location : Campus of LANNION  (ENSAAT)



Located in Lannion (Brittany, France) at the facilities of the ENSSAT.