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Leader: Benoît CAILLAUD

Modélisation hybride et conception par contrats pour les systèmes embarqués multi-physiques

The Hycomes team focuses on cyberphysical systems design, combining physics and software. The applications are related to the design and optimal exploitation of industrial systems such as transport (aircrafts, railway) or energy systems. Two research tracks are developed:

  1. Hybrid systems modeling, where continuous-/discrete-time dynamics are combined;
  2. Contract-based design methods for cyberphysical systems.

More precisely, the Hycomes team is addressing the following problems:

  • The design of hybrid system modeling languages, based on differential algebraic equations, enabling a modeling style close to the way physicists model devices in various domains (multibody mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, thermal);
  • Faithful simulation techniques, supporting a rigorous semantics;
  • Modular compilation techniques for hybrid systems languages, with the objective of improving the reusability of components models.
  • Contract-based reasoning techniques, supporting the requirements engineering stages, appearing early in the design process of cyberphysical systems.
Team created since: 01/07/13
Associated establishments: Inria, CNRS
 Location: campus de Beaulieu, RENNES (35)