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Leader: Gildas AVOINE & Pierre-Alain FOUQUE

'EMbedded SEcurity and Cryptography'

The research team "Embedded Security and Cryptography" (EMSEC) addresses questions related to computation security and to electronic ubiquitous systems. EMSEC especially focuses on the application of cryptography in the security of data, hardware (e.g., smartcards, RFID, FPGAs), and software implementations (on smartphones, embedded systems, etc.). The research activities of this team target both the construction of security-preserving mechanisms and the design of new attacks, and addressing research questions with a four-layer approach. These are, from the most theoretical to the most practical:

  1. (1) Security models and proofs.
  2. (2) Design and attacks of building blocks to secure communicating objects (cryptography on elliptic curves, authentication protocols with distance bounding, authenticated encryption, cryptanalytic time-memory trade-off, etc.).
  3. (3) Attacks on implementations (on smartcards, RFID tags, smartphones, side-channel attacks, forensics and reverse-engineering), and countermeasures.
  4. (4) Cryptanalysis of real-life embedded systems.
Created since: 23 Sep. 2014 Team : 5 Feb. 2016
Associated establishments: INSA Rennes, Université de Rennes 1, CNRS
Location: Campus of Beaulieu, Rennes