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Leader: Olivier Sentieys (Université de Rennes 1)

Research on architectures and compilers for high-performance and embedded computing is also evolving quickly and the past decade has seen the emergence of small-scale multi-core processors. These multi-cores are now becoming mainstream for both general-purpose and embedded computing. This surge of small-scale multi-core processors has re-boosted the interest for research on architectures of multi-core processors as well as on techniques to exploit such multi-core architectures. Future generations of multi-cores will feature hundreds of cores and will include both homogeneous and heterogeneous solutions.

The main purpose of the Architecture Department is to propose new architectures and optimizing compiler environments for both general purpose and embedding computing platforms. In the context of domain-specific system-on-chip, we are also concerned with the interaction between architectures and applications, especially with stringent constraints such as low power consumption or limited resources. Finally, energy and power consumption issues are increasingly important and challenging constraint in both high performance and embedded markets. The need for energy efficient designs is crucial for applications such as green computing, green networking and green radio.

Therefore, research activities developed in the Architecture Department are dedicated to:

  • discovering new microprocessor architectural design to improve application performance, energy efficiency, dependability, and scalability,
  • inventing code generation techniques that ensure that software can exploit innovative designs and also efficient computer-aided design tools for automatic hardware design,
  • proposing application-specific designs or optimizing algorithms under specific constraints like limited resources or power, by analysing the interaction between architectures and applications.

The Architecture Department regroups researchers and experts in micro-architecture, software/compiler optimization, real-time systems, signal processing and computer-aided design.

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Thesis/HDR Defenses

Date Type Title Speaker Place
17 Dec 2018 Thesis Accélération matérielle pour la traduction dynamique de programmes binaires Simon ROKICKI (Equipe CAIRN) Salle Métivier - INRIA Rennes
19 Dec 2018 Thesis Minimising shared resource contention when scheduling real-time applications on multi-core architectures Benjamin Rouxel Metivier meeting room