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Training In Research

Doctorate is essential for those wishing to work in research.

Educational requirements for doctoral contracts: Research master’s or equivalent (engineering degree with training or research master’s)

Doctoral studies

A doctorate represents three years of study in a state or private higher education establishment. A research grant (ARED, CIFRE, MENRT, etc.) is required, as is enrolment in a doctoral college.

The IRISA is a member of the Matisse and SICMA doctoral colleges that cover all doctoral students writing their theses at Université Rennes 1, INSA Rennes, ENS Rennes and ENST Bretagne, Université de Bretagne Sud for Maths and Applied Mathematics, IT, Automation, Robotics, Signal and Image Processing, Electronics and Micro-Electronics, Optoelectronics and Microwaves.

IRISA also operates the Rennes Doctoral Training Center (DTC) EIT ICT Labs. The doctoral training centre (one of only 2 in France and 8 across Europe) provides IT doctoral students with access to the world of business, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and helps them to develop their European network. The curriculum includes: training in innovation and entrepreneurship, international mobility, and postdoctoral opportunities to explore the research’s potential for innovation. Alongside IRISA, the DTC’s partners include Orange, Thales, IRT B-Com, and Kereval.

After the thesis

Upon completing their thesis, students are able to complement their studies with postdoctoral professional experience, in France or abroad. A scientific assignment, on a fixed-term, paid contract: a recommended postdoctoral experience. It acts as an asset when applying for jobs. It is a time when a researcher is expected to publish papers in specialist journals.

Following doctoral or postdoctoral research, researcher-teaching assistants apply to become university lecturers.

IRISA and training

The Institute plays an active role in providing Master’s programmes in research and innovation:
Research master’s in IT
Master’s in electronics, specialising in image signals
European Master’s School EIT ICT Labs Master’s in IT and innovation

Our researchers and teacher-researchers work in the following establishments:
• ISTIC - Higher Institute for IT and Communications
• ESIR - Rennes Higher Engineering School
• INSA Rennes - National Institute for Applied Sciences
• ENS Cachan Brittany