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Doing a PhD thesis at IRISA

Why do a PhD degree at the IRISA?

  • In order to achieve a complete academic cursus: After a master’s degree, the Doctorate is the highest university degree and the highest grade.
  • It’s a world-wide recognized degree.
  • Every year, the IRISA proposes around 50 thesis on various research topics either in progress or not.
  • The PhD students at the IRISA take an active part in the laboratories: seminars, work groups, laboratory councils, research contracts, etc. They have full access to certain documentation centres of the CNRS (1), the INRIA (2) and the universities.
  • The PhD students can choose from complementary trainings: Scientific courses, Company-related courses, doctorate workshops, scientific English, etc.

A lot of doctors do a post-doctoral training in order to complete their international experience.

The Funding

In the framework of the Matisse Doctoral School, every year, the Ministry research funds are proposed by the IRISA through a national competitive exam.
Different kinds of funds are available depending on the PhD topics. (Ministry research funds, INRIA doctoral research contract Cifre…). In order to know what kind of funding you are entitled to, please contact you PhD mentor.

How to apply?

You have to send your CV along with a cover letter (letter of motivation) to the person in charge of the chosen PhD topic or to the people charged with the related projects. See page: list of available PhD topics.
For any further information please contact ( the head of the IRISA doctoral training department.