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Computer resources

Common Computer department (SIC)


Visuel SICmore than 80 general servers and 120 calculation servers
125 terabytes of data
950 individual work stations

Service common to center INRIA Rennes the Brittany-Atlantic and IRISA. In support with Research it ensures near the scientists and administrative staffs the following missions:

  • To implement, to manage and make evolve resources and proposed services: local area network, connections towards and of outside (Internet via Renater), spaces of files, waiters of calculation and storage, safeguards, impression, transport, Web, databases, waiters of execution and applications.
  • To ensure safety and the sûretéde operation of the information system. To order, install, configure and ensure the support of the stations of travailfixes or portables.
  • To install and place at the disposal of the software tools (of production of documents, electronic communications), of tools for the business computing and info-center, to manage the contents and the waiters of internal and external information W3
  • To provide a help to the architecture and the realization of experimental platforms for the research projects for the material aspects, systems and networks in close cooperation with the Service of Experimentation and Development (SED).
  • To ensure the computer support, by the means of a tool of helpdesk.
  • To dialogue with the research teams and the services through annual meetings and of commissions users: CUMIR.
  • Acheter the whole of computer equipment (assistance to the choice, drafting of specifications, relations with the suppliers).

To ensure these missions the service is cut out in 3 teams as well as possible to meet the needs for the researchers and administrative staff: A team Work stations and support of proximity:
Composed of 5 technicians and engineers in charge of work environment of staffs (work stations, tools,) and of the support of proximitéUne team Infrastructure and engineering system (S) and network:
Composed of 5 engineers charged with architecture system and réseauet with the computer security. A team Development Information system and local Web:
Composed of 2 engineers ensuring the implementation and the development of IF and the local Web.