Joint Conferences CAP+RFIAP 5-8/07/2022

Starting on
Ending on
IRISA Vannes
Tohannic campus of Université Bretagne Sud in Vannes
Diane Larlus, Christian Theobalt, Gilles Louppe, Themis Palpanas, Angelika Kimmig

From the 5th to the 8th of July 2022, SSFAM (Société Savante Française d’Apprentissage Machine) and AFRIF (Association Française pour la Reconnaissance et l’Interprétation des Formes) will jointly organized on the Tohannic campus of Université Bretagne Sud in Vannes, CAp (Conférence sur l’Apprentissage automatique) and RFIAP (Reconnaissance des Formes, Image, Apprentissage et Perception). The two communities have numerous common research problems and we believe that this co-location will allow for very fruitful discussions.

The conference features a large number of incredible keynotes:
- « Lifelong visual representation learning » Diane Larlus, NAVER LABS Europe
- « Neural probabilistic logic programming » Angelika Kimmig, KU Leuven
- « The frontier of simulation-based inference » Gilles Louppe, Université de Liège
- « Scalable High-Dimensional Vector Similarity Search: The New Kid on the Block » Themis Palpanas, Université de Paris
- « Capturing the Real World in Motion: New ways to unite graphics, vision and machine learning » Christian Theobalt, Max Planck Institut Informatik, Sarrebruck.

With both conferences, we expect about 300 attendees at the joint event.
The 5th of July is dedicated to the Workshop MACLEAN.

Registration is now open: