Drone and 5G experiment, a world first for NOKIA Lannion in which IRISA participates

Submitted on 21/12/2020
Drone au décolage - NOKIA, CTDO et IRISA
Drone au décolage - NOKIA, CTDO et IRISA

Following the authorisation obtained from ANFR for the 5G programme, an experiment involving the flight of a low-altitude drone in 5G was carried out on Thursday 17 December 2020 on the Lannion campus.
The aim was to demonstrate the ability to perform real-time image identification analysis on a video stream captured by a UAV on a 5G network in autonomous mode (SA) and to immediately send the relevant information back to the operational field.

This demonstration was carried out as part of the 5G Experimental Network deployed on the Lannion campus and used by the CTDO.
It is the result of cooperation between Nokia Lannion's 4G/5 test team, in charge of the network and radio core* and real-time image analysis, and the AQMO** platform team, supported by IRISA, which carried out the remote piloting of the UAV and managed the 5G video interfaces on this remote-controlled aircraft.

* Christophe Henry: in charge for NOKIA of the Lannion 5G experimental project. Responsible for the development of the 5G SDR radio (software defined radio)                                                                                                                                                                         
**Laurent Morin & Olivier Martineau (Research Engineers, University of Rennes1)