IRISA joins the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival in an artistic performance "CREATIVE HARMONY"

Submitted on 17/09/2020

Two virtual environments, two cities, two audiences to create a single networked virtual world ... when IRISA's expertise is at the center of a work of art "CREATIVE HARMONY" at the Festival Ars Electronika*, it is to be discovered this weekend in streaming.


"CREATIVE HARMONY", is a work of art in virtual reality, composed of two virtual environments that will be networked between 2 cities (Rennes and Linz/Austria), to compose a single virtual world where audiences will be able to interact. On the one hand, at Ars Electronica Deep Space in Linz (Austria), spectators will evolve in a sea bed in a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and on the other hand, in Rennes in our virtual reality platform IMMERSIA, a dancer accompanied by a musician will interact on the sea surface with an auroral light. These 2 virtual environments will be networked to create real-time interactivity between distant people who will interact and respond to each other through their bodies and movements to create this collaborative digital experience.
Through this work of art, three axes are highlighted: connecting with nature, connecting with oneself and connecting with others. "CREATIVE HARMONY" aims to promote the importance of the relationship with each of these 3 axis.
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This global and participative virtual environment will be seen by viewers on an online streaming platform, creating a massive experience space.
Follow HERE live this September 12th at 6:30 pm and 7 pm, and this Sunday September 13th at 11:30 am and 12 pm

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"CREATIVE HARMONY" is a work based on the results of research and technologies developed within the Hybrid research team (joint IRISA Inria team) in the field of virtual reality. The experiment proposed to the public is structured around a scenario model, based on Petri nets, a mathematical model allowing to manipulate discrete dynamic systems. This powerful model has been mainly applied to industrial and medical contexts.


Artwork realized in collaboration with Julien Lomet, digital artist, Valérie Gouranton Associate Professor INSA and Ronan Gaugne, research engineer Université Rennes 1 (members of the HYBRID research team), the Practical and Poetic Arts team of the University of Rennes 2 and students from ESIR.

*The Festival ARS ELECTRONICA is dedicated to the relationship between art, technology and society, probably one of the most important international festivals of digital art.