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Cooperation and self-* for Small Cells Networks

Abstract :

Btissam Er-Rhamadi (DIONYSOS)

Performance-Cost Trade-Offs in Heterogeneous Clouds

"Cloud infrastructures provide on-demand access to a large variety of computing devices
with different performance and cost. This creates many opportunities for cloud users to
run applications having complex resource requirements, starting from large numbers of
servers with low-latency interconnects, to specialized devices such as GPUs and FPGAs.
User expectations regarding the execution of applications may vary between the fastest
possible execution, the cheapest execution or any trade-off between the two extremes.

Ancuta IORDACHE (Myriads)

Extraction automatique de modèles de variabilité à partir de documents en langage naturel : deux études de cas

L'analyse du domaine vise à identifier et organiser les caractéristiques communes et variables dans un domaine. Dans la pratique, le coût initial et le niveau d'effort manuel associés à cette analyse constituent un obstacle important pour son adoption par de nombreuses organisations qui ne peuvent en bénéficier.


"Composition guidée de services - Application aux workflows d'analyse de données en bio-informatique"

Vous êtes cordialement invités à la soutenance de thèse de Mouhamadou BA qui se déroulera le vendredi 4 décembre 2015 à 14h00 en salle Pétri. Un pot suivra en salle Sein.

Titre : "Composition guidée de services - Application aux workflows d'analyse de données en bio-informatique"

Directeur de thèse : Mireille DUCASSÉ

Mouhamadou BA (Equipe LIS)

Contribution to certain Physical and Numerical Aspects of the Study of the Heat Transfer in a Granular Medium

In this work, we are interested in studying heat and mass transfer in water saturated and unsaturated porous medium with a strong heating at the surface. Applications concerned are archaeology, agriculture and geothermal engineering.


Design and performances study of a self-configurable solution for future transport networks

Abstract :
In this thesis, we study the LOCARN solution “Low Opex & Capex Architecture for Resilient Networks". LOCARN is an alternative packet network architecture that has been conceived with a special attention to the simplicity of its structure and mechanisms while allowing by design the resiliency and the self-adaptation of clients transportation services.


Verified Compilation and Worst-Case Execution Time

Safety-critical systems - such as electronic flight control systems and nuclear reactor controls - must satisfy strict safety requirements. We are interested here in the application of formal methods to verify the behavior of safety-critical systems. More specifically, we formally specify our algorithms and then prove them correct using the Coq proof assistant, which is capable of mechanically checking the correctness of the proofs.

André Oliveira Maroneze - Celtique team


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