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Conférence "Why We Should Be Worried about Hardware Trojans", Prof. Dr.-Ing Christof Paar - 27 février 2019

Why We Should Be Worried about Hardware Trojans
Pourquoi nous devrions nous inquiéter des Chevaux de Troie Matériels

Des programmes malveillants implantés dans le matériel, en avez-vous déjà entendu parler ? Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christof Paar, titulaire de la chaire For Embedded Security à la Ruhr-Universität Bochum en Allemagne, nous fait le plaisir de venir à l'IRISA pour parler de ce sujet hautement sensible.
Cette conférence en anglais, organisée par l'IRISA et la DGA Maîtrise de l'information, s'adresse à un large public (chercheurs, industriels, institutionnels, doctorants, étudiants) et se tiendra dans l’amphi P à l'Istic sur le campus de Beaulieu à Rennes, mercredi 27 février 2019 à 17h15.

Nous vous y attendons nombreux.


Computer hardware provides the ultimate building blocks that enables the evolution towards the digital society. Malicious manipulations at the IC level can compromise the security of an entire system, including safety-critical applications such as automotive electronics, medical devices, or SCADA systems. From an attacker’s point of view, such attacks have the “advantage” that they tend to be almost impossible to detect. Moreover, the revelations of Edward Snowden have shown that hardware Trojans are a realistic tool in the arsenal of large-scale adversaries

Even though hardware Trojans have been studied for a decade or so in the literature, little is known about how they might look, especially those that are particularly designed to avoid detection. In this talk we introduce several low-level hardware attacks against embedded system, targeting the two dominant types of hardware platforms, ICs and FPGAs (reprogrammable hardware).


Christof Paar has the Chair for Embedded Security at Ruhr University Bochum and is affiliated professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He co-founded CHES, the Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems, the leading international conference on applied cryptography. His research interests include hardware security, security analysis of real-world systems, and physical-layer security. He holds an ERC Advanced Grant in hardware security and is co-spokesperson (with Thorsten Holz and Eike Kiltz) for CASA, a Cluster of Excellence in cyber security, which is part of Germany’s Excellence Strategy. Christof is Fellow of the IEEE and the IACR, he has over than 200 publications in applied security ,and is co-author of the textbook Understanding Cryptography (Springer). He co-founded Escrypt GmbH, a leading player in automotive security, which is now part of Bosch.

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Public : chercheurs, industriels, institutionnels, doctorants, étudiants

Lieu : Amphi P à l'Istic, campus de Beaulieu à Rennes
Prof.Dr.-Ing. Christof Paar
Titre : Why We Should Be Worried about Hardware Trojans


Conférence en anglais organisée par l’IRISA et la DGA Maîtrise de l’information dans le cadre de l'accord général de partenariat du Pôle d'excellence cyber.

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Wednesday, 27. February 2019 - 17:15
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