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Appointment of Guillaume Gravier as Deputy Director

Following the IRISA monitoring committee meeting (1) on Thursday, July 12, Guillaume GRAVIER was officially appointed deputy director.

Guillaume Gravier will assist Jean-Marc Jezequel, IRISA Director, alongside Bruno Arnaldi, also deputy director.
He will hold this position until the end of Jean-Marc Jézéquel's mandate (31/12/2021).

"As Deputy Director, I will strive to continue to promote scientific excellence and IRISA’s place and the Rennes ecosystem at the national and international levels. And I will try to reinforce the cohesion and the collective spirit within the laboratory while privileging the quality of life" Guillaume Gravier commits himself.



GuillaumeGravier.pngGuillaume Gravier, 47, is Senior Research Scientist of CNRS.

Guillaume has a background in applied mathematics and computer science. His research focuses on algorithms and models for describing, indexing and linking collections of content-based media content.

1994-1995 : he obtained master degree in Applied Mathematics at INSA Rouen, then a DEA in signal and image processing
2000 : he obtained his thesis at Telecom Paris (currently Telecom ParisTech) entitled "Automatic Speech Processing".
2002 :  he joins the CNRS and IRISA in the METISS research team (now PANAMA), to join the TEXMEX research team (now Linkmedia) in 2011.
2014 : he becomes head of the Linkmedia research team (CNRS, Inria, Univ. Rennes 1, INSA Rennes).

Guillaume Gravier is heavily involved in the animation of the scientific community, notably through the management of the “Association Francophone de la Communication Parlée”, the creation of the SIG Speech and Language in Multimedia de l’Intl. Speech Communication Association or, closer to us, the CA of the pôle Images et Réseaux.



Appointments within our trustees:

For those who have not had the information, we would like to remind you of the latest appointments:

Bruno Sportisse has been appointed Chairman and CEO of Inria.

Christophe Bidan, head of the CIDre research team at IRISA (CentraleSupélec, Inria, Univ. Rennes1) becomes the new director of CentraleSupélec's Rennes campus.


[1] Le rôle du comité de suivi est d'apporter un regard extérieur sur le fonctionnement du laboratoire afin de discuter, conseiller, orienter et valider la politique scientifique de l’UMR. C'est aussi le rôle du comité d'alerter la direction sur certains points. Le comité se réunit annuellement.