Marie Chevallier

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Bioinformatics Research Ingineer, CNRSMarie Chevallier's face

Dyliss team, Irisa / Inria Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique
Dynamo team, Ecobio - UMR 6553

Avenue du Général Leclerc, Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes - France
Tel: + 33 2 99 84 22 41
Email: []



I am working on the animation and developments on the EcoSyst project. EcoSyst is an inter-regional unifying project aiming at the emergence of the Ecology of Systems in Bretagne - Pays de la Loire. Building on the strengths and skills involved, EcoSyst aims to be the incubator of new ideas and new projects at disciplinary interfaces. By facilitating a community at the bi-regional level, EcoSyst aims to enhance the local skills in Ecology, Environment, Modeling, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and their applications to species of interest in Agronomy, sea and health.

This project is an initiative from Anne Siegel (Dyliss - IRISA), Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse (Dynamo - Ecobio) and Damien Eveillard (Combi - LS2N).


in prep. - Aite M, Chevallier M, Frioux C, Trottier C, Got J, Cortes M-P, Loira N, Carrier G, Dameron O, Guillaudeux N, Latorre M, Mendoza S, Markov G V, Maass A et Siegel A – Traceability, reproducibility and wiki-exploration of genome-scale metabolic model reconstructions

2016 - Chevallier M, Aite M, Got J, Collet G, Loira N, Cortes MP, Frioux C, Laniau J, Trottier C, Maas A, Siegel A - Handling the heterogeneity of genomic and metabolomic networks data within flexible workflows with the PADMet Toolbox - Journées Ouvertes de Biologie Informatique et Mathématiques, JOBIM 2016. June 2016 [HAL Id : al-01377844]

2012 - Davoine P-A, Saint- Marc C, Chevallier M, Boissier P, Di Muro A, Staudacher T, Villanova M, Snoussi M, Improving Volcanological Data Management by Innovative Geomatics Approaches: Application to the Piton de la Fournaise Volcano Data, Poster for the AGU Chapman conference, Hawaiian Volcanoes: from source to Surface (Hawaii 20-27 août 2012)


Projects and achievements

June 2017 | Organization of the first EcoSyst animation day

June 2016 | Organization of the Symbiose teams seminar (Dyliss, Genscale et Genouest)

Feb. 2015 – Oct. 2015 | Platform for data storage, expertise sharing and software and project inventory (BII – Pydio – ISA)

Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2016 | Workflow for the identification of biomarkers on exotic organisms : AuReMe



2017 - Victoria Potdevin (Master 2 Modélisation en Ecologie, Agrocampus Ouest) - Combinations of modeling in networks for the reinterpretation of assembly rules of the plant microbiome.

2016 - Pierre Vignet (Master 2 Bio-Informatique et Génomique, Université de Rennes 1) - Development of a decision support platform for the standardization of identifiers in a metabolic network.