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Team manager

François CHAROT
tél : (33) 2 99 84 72 15

Codesign of Silicon Systems


The project COSI works on methods and tools for implementing complete systems on silicon.

Our main thesis is that the tools and methods must be based on executable specifications which can be systematically transformed, with the ability to validate each transformation and to retrace the design path. These transformations are (as far as possible) based on formal methods, and must enable the designer to integrate with other tools that are not.

Our work emphasizes three main themes: very high level synthesis of dedicated hardware and software using formal transformations, compilation and optimization for ASIPs, and tools and design methods for reconfigurable computing. We focus principally but not exclusively on regular computations that can benefit from parallelism.

We also work on specific applications drawn from signal and image processing, telecom, high performance computing, biological sequence comparison,etc., as well as on fundamental parallel algorithms.

For more informations, visit COSI home page.

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