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Christophe Wolinski is a professor at the University of Rennes I (France). He has an MSc (1976) and PhD (1982) from the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and D.Sc. (2000) from the University of Rennes I (France). He was assistant professor in the Warsaw University of Technology (1982-1986). In 1986, he joined the University of Rennes I (France). He was a visiting staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) (2001-2003). Currently he is director of the Engineering School ESIR (France) and he is a member of the INRIA CAIRN team at the IRISA laboratory of Rennes. He was a scientific advisor for many companies. He was a program committee member for leading conferences on electronic design and design automation and a general chair for some of them. His research interests include real time systems, digital signal processing architectures, high level synthesis, re-configurable computing systems and system modeling and optimization. His recent works concern the generation of automatic reconfigurable processor extensions and the optimized mapping/scheduling of applications on application specific reconfigurable architectures.

Research interest

  1.     Hardware/Software Co-design,

  2.     High Level Synthesis,

  3.     Embedded computer systems,

  4.     Reconfigurable Computing Systems,

  5.     System modeling and optimization

Related Project Web pages

  1.     CAIRN project,

  2.     R2D2 project,

  3.     EP-ATR project,

  4.     Polychrony, Espresso, Architecture Design,

  5.     RCC Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

Selected Tools and Architectures

  1. "Generic Environment for Design and Utilization of Reconfigurable Application-Specific Processors Extensions" DURASE,

  2.     "Unified Pattern Based Synthesis Kernel" UPaK System,

  3. Optimization of Routing in Programmable Processor Array Architectures,

  4.     Powerful Scalable LDPC coder architecture ,

  5.     Reconfigurable Multi-Spectral Image Processing Architecture,

  6.     HetFabBuilder System,

  7.     Polymorphous Fabric Model,

  8.     Run-time Reconfigurable Fabric Model,

  9.     CODESIS System,

  10.     Fuzzy Logic Development System

Selected Teaching systems

  1.     FPGA based Teaching System,

  2.     Autonomous Robot,

  3.     DSP based Signal Processing System

Conferences (organization or co-organization)

  1. (General Chair) ASAP Specific Systems, Architecture and Processors, Rennes 2010,

  2. (General Chair) Euromicro and DSD Symposium, Rennes 2004,

  3. (Program Chair) Conference on Digital System Design, DSD'2005,

  4. IQSD  "System-level Design, Methodologies & Tools" 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009,

  5. TCHA in conjunction with PACT 2006,

  6. SCI’2001 "Modern Digital System Synthesis"

Program Committee Member (current or past)



Engineering School (ESIR - University of Rennes I)

Graduate engineering degree (IFSIC)

  1. SIA     - Signal, Image, Architectures,

  2. XAA   - Advanced Architectures,

  3. CSE    -  Design of Embedded Systems

Some responsibilities:

  1. Director of the Engineering School ESIR, Rennes, France,

  2. Member of the Board of Directors of EUROMICRO,

  3. Advisor of the Métivier Foundation, France,

  4. ...

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Prof. Christophe Wolinski

Université de Rennes 1 / IFSIC / IRISA

INRIA,  Centre Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique

35042 Rennes Cedex FRANCE

Phone: (+33) 2 99 84 72 18

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