Publications 2010

Academic Journals

  1. Frédéric Besson, Thomas Jensen, Guillaume Dufay, David Pichardie. Verifying Resource Access Control on Mobile Interactive Devices. Journal of Computer Security, 18(6):971-998, 2010.
  2. David Cachera, Thomas Jensen, Arnaud Jobin, Pascal Sotin. Long-Run Cost Analysis by Approximation of Linear Operators over Dioids. Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 20(4):589-624, 2010.
  3. Thomas Genet, Vlad Rusu. Equational Approximations for Tree Automata Completion. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 45(5):574-597, May 2010(5):574-597, 2010.

International Conferences

  1. Frédéric Besson, Thomas Jensen, David Pichardie, Tiphaine Turpin. Certified Result Checking for Polyhedral Analysis of Bytecode Programs. In Proc.\ of the 5th International Symposium on Trustworthy Global Computing (TGC 2010), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6084, Pages 253-267, 2010.
  2. Frédéric Besson. On using an inexact floating-point LP solver for deciding linear arithmetic in an SMT solver. In 8th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories, 2010.
  3. David Cachera, Arnaud Jobin. Injecting Abstract Interpretations into Linear Cost Models. In 8th Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages (QAPL), EPTCS, Paphos, 2010.
  4. David Cachera, David Pichardie. A Certified Denotational Abstract Interpreter. In Proc.\ of International Conference on Interactive Theorem Proving (ITP-10), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6172, Pages 9-24, 2010.
  5. M. Carlier, C. Dubois, A. Gotlieb. Constraint Reasonning in FOCALTEST. In 5rd International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT'10), Athens, Greece, 2010.
  6. F. Charreteur, A. Gotlieb. Constraint-Based Test Input Generation for Java Bytecode. In Proc. of the 21st IEEE Int. Symp. on Softw. Reliability Engineering (ISSRE'10), San Jose, CA, USA, 2010.
  7. M. Delahaye, B. Botella, A. Gotlieb. Explanation-based generalization of infeasible path. In 3rd IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Validation and Verification (ICST'10), Paris, France, 2010.
  8. Delphine Demange, Thomas Jensen, David Pichardie. A Provably Correct Stackless Intermediate Representation for Java Bytecode. In 8th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6461, 2010.
  9. A. Gotlieb, M. Leconte, B. Marre. Constraint Solving on Modular Integers. In Proc. of the 9th Int. Workshop on Constraint Modelling and Reformulation (ModRef'10), co-located with CP'2010, St Andrews, Scotland, 2010.
  10. Laurent Hubert, Nicolas Barré, Frédéric Besson, Delphine Demange, Thomas Jensen, Vincent Monfort, David Pichardie, Tiphaine Turpin. Sawja: Static Analysis Workshop for Java. In 1st International Conference on Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software (FoVeOOS), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010.
  11. Laurent Hubert, Thomas Jensen, Vincent Monfort, David Pichardie. Enforcing Secure Object Initialization in Java. In 15th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 6345, Pages 101-115, 2010.
  12. Helene Kirchner, Kirchner Florent, Claude Kirchner. Constraint Based Strategies. In 18th International Workshop on Functional and Constraint Logic Programming - WFLP 2009, Volume 5979, Pages 13-26, Brésil Brasilia, 2010.
  13. N. Lazaar, A. Gotlieb, Y. Lebbah. Fault Localization in Constraint Programs. In 22th Int. Conf. on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI'2010), Arras, France, 2010.
  14. N. Lazaar, A. Gotlieb, Y. Lebbah. On Testing Constraint Programs. In 16th Int. Conf. on Principles and Practices of Constraint Programming (CP'2010), St Andrews, Scotland, 2010.
  15. Sandrine Blazy, Benoît Robillard, Andrew W. Appel. Formal Verification of Coalescing Graph-Coloring Register Allocation. In 19th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP), Volume 6012, Pages 145-164, Chypre Paphos, March 2010.

National Conferences

  1. Guillaume Hiet, Frédéric Guihéry, Goulven Guiheux, David Pichardie, Christian Brunette. Sécurité de la plate-forme d'exécution Java : limites et propositions d'améliorations. In Proc.\ of Symposium sur la sécurité des technologies de l'information et des communications (SSTIC 2010), 2010.

Research Reports

  1. Yohan Boichut, Benoît Boyer, Thomas Genet, Axel Legay. Fast Equational Abstraction Refinement for Regular Tree Model Checking. Rapport Technique INRIA, July 2010.


  1. David Cachera. Analyses statiques : certifier et quantifier. Habilitation à diriger des recherches École normale supérieure de Cachan, 2010.
  2. Benoît Boyer. Réécriture d'automates certifiée pour la vérification de modèle. PhD Thesis Université Européenne de Bretagne, December 2010.
  3. Laurent Hubert. Foundations and Implementation of a ToolBoicch for 8drew W. Appel. PhD Thesis dInteité 60de Bretagne, December 2010.
  4. Hubert. PhD Thesis Université Européenne de Bretagre Paphos, March 2011>ation de Bret
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