Publications 2007

Academic Journals

  1. A. Gotlieb, T. Denmat, B. Botella. Goal-oriented test data generation for pointer programs. Information and Software Technology, 49(9):1030-1044, 2007.

Book Chapters

  1. Benjamin Blanc, Arnaud Gotlieb, Claude Michel. Constraints in Software Testing, Verification and Analysis. In Trends in Constraint Programming, Fré Benhamou, Narendra Jussien, Barry O'Sullivan (eds.), Chap. 7, pp. 333-368, ISTE, London, UK, May 2007.

International Conferences

  1. Elvira Albert, Miguel Gómez-Zamalloa, Laurent Hubert, Germ\'a Puebla. Verification of Java Bytecode Using Analysis and Transformation of Logic Programs. In PADL, Pages 124-139, 2007. pdf
  2. G. Barthe, D. Pichardie, T. Rezk. A Certified Lightweight Non-Interference Java Bytecode Verifier. In Proc.\ of 16th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'07), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4421, Pages 125-140, 2007.
  3. F. Besson, T. Jensen, T. Turpin. Small Witnesses for Abstract Interpretation-Based proofs. In Proc. of 16th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'07), LNCS, Volume 4421, Pages 268-283, 2007.
  4. Y. Boichut, T. Genet, T. Jensen, L. Leroux. Rewriting Approximations for Fast Prototyping of Static Analyzers. In RTA, LNCS, Volume 4533, Pages 48-62, 2007.
  5. Y. Boichut, T. Genet, Y. Glouche, O. Heen. Using Animation to Improve Formal Specifications of Security Protocols. In Joint conference SAR-SSI, 2007.
  6. F. Charreteur, B. Botella, A. Gotlieb. Modelling dynamic memory management in Constraint-Based Testing. In TAIC-PART (Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference), Pages 111-120, Windsor, UK, 2007.
  7. T. Denmat, A. Gotlieb, M. Ducasse. An Abstract Interpretation Based Combinator for Modeling While Loops in Constraint Programming. In Proceedings of Principles and Practices of Constraint Programming (CP'07), Springer Verlag, LNCS 4741, Pages 241-255, Providence, USA, 2007.
  8. T. Denmat, A. Gotlieb, M. Ducasse. Improving Constraint-Based Testing with Dynamic Linear Relaxations. In 18th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE' 2007), Trollhättan, Sweden, 2007.
  9. G. Le Guernic. Information Flow Testing. In Proceedings of the Annual Asian Computing Science Conference, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 4846, Pages 33-47, 2007.
  10. G. Le Guernic. Automaton-based Confidentiality Monitoring of Concurrent Programs. In Proceedings of the 20th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSFS20), Pages 218-232, 2007.
  11. M. Petit, A. Gotlieb. Uniform Selection of Feasible Paths as a Stochastic Constraint Problem. In Proceedings of International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC'07), IEEE, Portland, USA, October 2007.
  12. M. Petit, A. Gotlieb. Boosting Probabilistic Choice Operators. In Proceedings of Principles and Practices of Constraint Programming, Springer Verlag, LNCS 4741, Pages 559-573, Providence, USA, September 2007.

Research Reports

  1. David Cachera, Thomas Jensen, Pascal Sotin. Long-Run Cost Analysis by Approximation of Linear Operators over Dioids. Research Report INRIA, No 6338, 2007. download
  2. F. Besson, T. Jensen, D. Pichardie, T. Turpin. Result certification for relational program analysis. Research Report Inria, No 6333, September 2007. download


  1. G. Le Guernic. Confidentiality Enforcement Using Dynamic Information Flow Analyses. PhD Thesis Université Rennes 1 and Kansas State University, September 2007.
  2. S. Hong Tuan Ha. Programmation par aspects et tissage de propriétés - Application ŕ l'ordonnancement et ŕ la disponibilité. PhD Thesis Université Rennes 1, January 2007.