Verifying Fast and Sparse SSA-based Optimizations in Coq
Proofs and experiments


Verifying Fast and Sparse SSA-based Optimizations in Coq. Delphine Demange, David Pichardie, Léo Stefanesco. CC 2015.

Source code

Download the corresponding Coq development snapshot.

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As indicated on the paper, all tests were done on a MacBook OSX 10.8.5, 2.9GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3.

The version of Coq used in this work is version version 8.4pl2 (January 2014) compiled on Jan 28 2014 10:19:40 with OCaml 4.01.0.

Experiments have been made with the x86 back-end, on Mac OSX (otherwise, experimental results might slightly differ).

  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Benchmark results are available when opening compcertSSA_cc15/bench.html in your browser.
  3. To re-run the experiments:
    1. Compile compcertSSA
      	  cd compcertSSA_cc15
      	  ./configure ia32-macosx 
      	  make depend
      	  make -j2 all
    2. Run experiments (after having compiled compcertSSA). Recent versions of Xcode (> 5.1.1) might require to invoke the compiler command with -D_VA_LIST flag.
      	  cd compcertSSA_cc15 (if necessary)
      	  cd test 
      then open compcertSSA_cc15/bench.html in your web browser.