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Technological watch (in French)

Technological survey reports on microprocessors.


SALTO is a transformation tool which helps developers build applications which analyse, optimize or profile programs at the assembly language level.

calvin2+DICE and LiKE

Today's microprocessor designers widely use microarchitecture simulation at various levels to evaluate the performance of their projects or make the best choice among several design alternatives. Realistic micro-architecture simulations require realistic inputs from a feeder (either a trace collection tool or an emulator). Realistic inputs necessitates to capture the user and the operating system activity of a realistic target workload. The calvin2+DICE and LiKE toolset enables microarchitecture simulations of long applications by providing a very fast feeder able to skip billions of instructions with a very limited overhead compared with the original application. Also, this feeder may be able to catch the activity of the operating system.


The Tool Set for Fortran project aims at developping a new kind of tool to port codes to high performance computers (in collaboration with Simulog).


Current approach for the development of numerical methods is generally decomposed in two phases. First a prototype is written using a high level tool (i.e. Matlab) for experimenting the methods on small data sets. The second step consist in rewritting the algorithm in Fortran so efficiency (sequentially or in parallel) can be achieved and large data sets used. In this project we propose a new approach where the second step can be automatically derived (in collaboration with the Aladin Team).


A C++ environment for image processing.


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