HAVEGE2.0 and Visual C++


Versions of HAVEGE have been ported under Visual C++ for the three Windows IA32 platforms, Intel Pentium III, Intel Pentium 4 and Amd Athlon.

These versions are intended to allow the users to build their own environment for testing and evaluating HAVEGE under Visual C++. They only include the core files of HAVEGE, i.e., HAVEGE2.0.c, PersoArchHAVEGE2.0.h, LoopBody.h, OneIteration.h  HardClock.c and a simple wrapper file mainspeed.c.

Each package contains a file HAVEGE2.0.obj that was tuned for respectively the PIII, P4 and Athlon architectures using the available Visual C++ compiler.
That is the size of executables for each of the main loop in HAVEGE has been optimized to fit in the instruction cache.
As we do not not know if the compiler optimization options vary from implementation/installation of Visual C++ to another, we recommend to always let HAVEGE2.0.obj unmodified.

New License (09/25/2003)
DOWNLOAD: The HAVEGE generator package Intel PIII/Visual C++ (as a  42 Kb zip file)
DOWNLOAD: The HAVEGE generator package for Intel P4/Visual C++ (as a  36 Kb zip file)
DOWNLOAD: The HAVEGE generator package for Amd ATHLON/Visual C++ (as a  49 Kb zip file)



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