Just having a look at quality or performance of HAVEGE

Select your processor architecture  (ARCH)  and run:
HAVEGEND(ARCH) or HAVEGECRYPTO(ARCH):  for testing qualities of the genereted sequences. HAVEGESPEED(ARCH)  or HAVEGESPEEDINLINE(ARCH): for testing throughput

Linking an application with HAVEGE

Just link your application with HAVEGE(ARCH).o and HardClock(ARCH).s

GENERAL USAGE: int ndrand() high performance high quality random numbers for current usage.

CRYPTOGRAPHIC USAGE: int cryptondrand() high performance high quality random numbers for cryptography.


Remark:  When possible   you should  avoid HAVEGE(ARCH).o new generation.
The number of iterations in the main loop of HAVEGE coded in file LoopBody.h has been optimized in order to get the executable for this loop body to fit in the instruction cache. The exact size of this executable depends on the exact compiler version and the exact compiler options used for its generation.

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