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PACCMAN: A compiler/simulator suite for cryptography ASIP

  Project contacts for INRIA: F. Bodin, A. Colin, T. Lafage



The PACCMAN project (PlAteforme de Composants Cryptographiques pour Multi-Applications Nationales) aims at designing and producing a ``French'' cryptographic platform. This platform is composed of a cryptography ASIP (Application Specific Integrated Processor) and a complete compiler toolchain (including debugger and profiler).

The goal of PACCMAN platform is to improve the technological independence and the competitiveness of the French cryptography industry. The two main industrial application fields of this project are the implementation of secured PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) communications and high bandwidth VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

The PACCMAN project is supported by the OPPIDUM research network and involves several industrial partners. These partners are: EADS-DSN (the world leader in digital PMR), MATRAnet (software for network security), BULL TrustWay (software and hardware components for network security), and INRIA.

The CAPS research group has in charge INRIA's contribution to PACCMAN.

Technical details

The main CAPS contribution to the PACCMAN project is:
  1. design, implemention and validation of a C compiler for the PACCMAN processor. This compiler translates C code into PACCMAN assembly code using both state-of-the-art and dedicated optimizing techniques. It also relies on SALTO, a retargetable system for assembly language transformation and optimization;
  2. design, implemention and validation of a cycle-accurate simulator of the PACCMAN processor. This cycle-accurate simulator relies on ABSCISS, a high speed compiled simulator generator (see R. Amicel and F. Bodin publications), and features:
    • an execution unit,
    • a profiling unit,
    • a debugging unit (gdb/ddd compatible),
    • a tracing unit.
    • functional validation of the compiler toolchain itself,
    • fine tuning dedicated optimizations implemented in the compiler,
    • pre-silicon validations of software applications.

Last update: Jan 2005

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